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’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Back With Pregnant Karine – Confirms Gender Of Next Baby

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90 Day Fiance stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins look like a happy little family again after their big blowup, which involved the police. So how did this happen? Pictures of the couple with little Pierre make their way around the online world today.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle and Karine Martins in Rewind Mode?

This seems odd after Paul said it was over. This was conveyed by a sad and despondent Paul Staehle. He claimed he would never see his two sons again. Karine is pregnant and it seems that post not only highlighted Paul’s sadness, but it also revealed the gender of their unborn baby.

Paul and Karine fought, police were called, and she left. Then the two of them got restraining orders against each other. But that part is all erased now and it sounds like it should have never happened. Or at least the way Paul looks at it.

So, today it looks like things magically changed for this 90 Day Fiance couple. It also seems that Paul’s world isn’t as bleak as he thought it would be. The two seemed to settle things out of court. They started by canceling the restraining orders which held some horrific accusations.

90 Day Fiance - Paul Staehle Lost in Translation Post

The judge wouldn’t let Paul near Karine after her restraining order alleged she was raped by her husband. This 90 Day Fiance couple really did look like the end was here. But Paul being Paul has fixed all that.

Lost In Translation – Not Her Words?

While it’s not known just how together they are today, he’s looking cozy in new photos. It also appears as if this 90 Day Fiance husband found an outside source to blame.

Paul seems to hint that all the horrific accusations made by Karine were not her fault. It looks as if Paul is suggesting Karine’s statements were either lost in translation or the translated took some jaw-dropping liberties. in his post above.


90 Day Fiance - Paul Staehle Reunited

Paul Staehle’s latest posted photos show what looks like a reunion, complete with a bunch of flowers. The 90 Day Fiance celeb looks quite content with his son Pierre sound asleep while leaning up against him.

90 Day Fiance: Over the Top

Fans of the 90 Day Fiance series know all too well how Paul tends to go big. No matter what he’s involved in at the time, somehow it’s more convoluted than it needs to be.

His farewell speech online to Karine and his “sons” would have been a tear-jerker to those who don’t follow him. But for Paul’s die-hard fans, they knew he wasn’t about to let Karine and his children get away from him.

90 Day Fiance - Paul Staehle Misses Son Pierre

One of the first things he did upon Karine’s exit was to clean up their home in the states. Then he posted a video walk-through of his hard work, which got praise from fans.

Next, the 90 Day Fiance controversial star went to Brazil alone, yes all by himself with Karine and Pierre still in the US. There he cleaned up their apartment. It looks like he was staking claim his little family no matter where they went.

Anyway, Paul worked that magic again. He once more gets what he wants because he relentlessly goes after it. The 90 Day Fiance star also seems to clean it up the relationship mess nicely.

He did that by suggesting the horrible claims Karine allegedly made on that restraining order was not her but it was all lost in translation? You have to admit, Paul knows how to work it to his advantage.

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