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’90 Day Fiance’: “Bid Ed” Films New Show – You Won’t Believe What’s Next (Video)

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown looks like he attempts to squeeze every last drop out of his reality show career when captured on video recently. He dusted himself off after his relationship with Rose Marie imploded on camera. Now he’s back up and at it again?

Reports indicate that TLC  prepares to launch not one, but two spinoffs based on their 90 Day Fiance franchise. So will Big Ed be a part of one of the new shows?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Brown Part Of Dating Show?

It seems Big Ed manages to stay relevant with TLC and his 90 Day Fiance fans. Somehow he found his way into yet another series. A fan caught Big Ed filming and captured him in a clip with an unknown woman on a Friday night date. So, the Big Ed buzz is all around the online world today.

The clip shows cameras surrounding the 90 Day Fiance celeb with a woman who looks to be a possible new love interest. It appears as if Big Ed landed one of the new spinoff dating shows.

Just by looking at this quick clip, it is easy to see that Ed and the woman already have some things in common. Can you spot what they are?


Looks Like They’re Not Shy

Without hearing Big Ed and his date say a word, they look to have a lot in common. Check out the 90 Day Fiance crew surrounding them as they eat. Neither of these two appears shy about chowing down in front of the cameras.

So, apparently they are both able to handle this rather unnatural way to eat your dinner. They also seem to intently listen to one another, so that’s a good thing in a relationship.

This TLC reality series date doesn’t appear to take place in the finest of restaurants. You can just look at the surroundings to see this.

So, it appears both Ed and his potential new gal don’t mind economizing on dinner. It also appears as if they both don’t mind bench sitting rather than plunking down in a real chair.

90 Day Fiance: Take a Good Look at Ed’s Date

Ed’s date looks like a good sport. She’s literally straddling a bench while she eats dinner. Ed faces her while straddling the bench as well. It doesn’t look as if she came dressed for this type of dining.

Big Ed’s gal pal is wearing a dress, not the best attire for a straddle. But she seems to make the best of things. It looks like somebody sprung for a bottle of wine. Was it Big Ed, or maybe TLC?

Anyway, it looks like Ed gets another chance at getting his face out there. That means all that Big Ed stuff, like T-shirts, mugs, hats, and more won’t be obsolete anytime soon.

That’s good news for Ed. He won’t have to put his items in storage or sell them in bulk to one of those many cut-rate salvage stores out there. Yep, it looks like Big Ed saves his estate with yet another reality gig.

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