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Sister Wives: Logan Brown’s Fiance Sacrifices Kidney to Stranger Recently

Sister Wives star Logan Brown is engaged to Michelle Petty, who talked about her struggle recuperating over the last several weeks. Michelle donated a kidney to a complete stranger. This Sister Wives bride to be offered several tweets on her recuperation from this surgery.

Sister Wives: Logan Brown’s Fiance Does Something Amazing

One tweet, dated July 15, said “two weeks post-op,” so that puts her surgery around the beginning of July. She doesn’t sugar coat a thing. Michelle said she’s not trying to look for sympathy or be a martyr, but donating a kidney was “HARD”.

She researched the process and became well informed on what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. As hard as it was and as much as she struggled with the recuperation period, her doctor told her something that instantly made her feel better.

She learned that the recipient of her kidney was doing wonderful. She gave a complete stranger a new lease on life.

Shout Out to Logan Brown

Logan Brown is the son of Janelle Brown. He is the oldest child out of all the 18 kids from the famous family that makes up the Sister Wives.  So it seems that Kody Brown’s oldest son did his part as a doting boyfriend. Michelle Petty offered a shout out for Logan on Twitter.

Michelle, who became engaged to the Sister Wives’ son back in 2017, claims she couldn’t have done it without Logan Brown. She said his encouragement got her through the entire ordeal.

Michelle shares that kidney donation might not be for everyone and that’s okay. But she does encourage anyone who has the slightest interest in doing this to find out more about it.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Kept This Under Wraps?

Surprisingly enough, the Sister Wives clan never mentioned a thing about Michele’s altruistic feat on social media. If they did it was so fleeting that not many picked it up.

There’s probably a good reason they didn’t make a big deal out of Michelle’s unselfish deed. That’s probably because Logan and Michelle tend to stay private with their affairs.

Logan will finish up his final day at college in December, achieving his master’s degree. So, it sounds as if another Sister Wives wedding isn’t too far off. After all, they’ve been engaged for three years.

But unlike Logan’s siblings who walked down the aisle over the past few years, Logan will not have his wedding filmed by TLC. They don’t want their nuptials as part of a Sister Wives episode.

A Very Private Couple?

The couple seems to like their privacy. So that may be the reason none of the Sister Wives adults mentioned Michelle’s act of heroism by donating her kidney to a complete stranger.

Michelle sure did her homework on kidney donation. She explored all the “what-if’s” around this major surgery. Michelle also wondered what would happen if she would end up needing a kidney one day. She learned that not only will she go to the top of the list but so will five people of her choosing.

Michelle learned that if she or another member of her family ever needed a kidney, they get put at the top of the list. This holds true for all kidney donors, according to what she tweeted.

It sounds as if Michelle needed to offer that list up at the time of her procedure. So, five of her loved ones are covered. But hopefully, none will ever need to take this life-saving journey.

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