90 Day Fiance - Nicole Nafziger Battles Fans Over May
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’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Accuse Nicole Nafziger Making Bucks Off Daughter In Latest Post?

90 Day Fiance celeb Nicole Nafziger enters into yet another bout of verbal boxing online with the fans over her mothering skills. After leaving May at home, she indulged in a prolonged vacation with her boyfriend Azan. This left her in the dog house with fans. But today she embarks on a new venture.

Nicole Nafziger Rubs Fans the Wrong Way – Again

Once again the 90 Day Fiance fans see little May as an unknowing and trusting participant in what looks like her mother’s newest ploy. After the comments bubbled up, Nicole got online to fight the backlash and defend herself.

So, just what do the disgruntled fans see today that’s making them so angry? Her 90 Day Fiance followers noticed what they think is Nicole using May to sell stuff. This led them to accuse Nicole of trying to make a buck by using May for advertising.

Nicole immediately came back at her 90 Day Fiance fans by defending herself first. One fan told Nicole what she is doing is “shocking.” The comment insinuated that Nicole made money off of May when she posts her photos to her social media accounts.

The young mother wasn’t having any of this. She tells this person that all she is doing is posting photos and videos about her family.

90 Day Fiance - Nicole Nafziger Slaps Back at Fan Comment

While Nicole is posting family pics as she said, she is also getting her sales pitch in as well. In the post below, Nicole not only talks about the masks that she and May have on, she tells her fans how they too can get one.

It seems Nicole’s mom and May’s grandma created these homemade masks. The young mother tells the fans that the homemade masks are available and where they can get them.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Sales Pitch Peeves Off Fan?

So while the video of May learning to change a tire got Nicole mostly kudos, some people still found fault in that post as well. While some people gave her thumbs up for teaching her daughter that girls can do anything boys can do, some did not.

It seems something as generic as changing a flat tire on a car got the critics antennas up as well.  Not that May is going to change a flat tire at her age. But she can get used to the idea. It seems it’s never too early for May and kids her age to learn that they too can do it one day.

But Nicole found a need to defend herself from the negative comments. She answered back the 90 Day Fiance fans who felt that May was used for advertising on her page.

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