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’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Margaretha Reveals She’s Now Doctor In US… Say Ahh?

90 Day Fiance couple Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha probably appear near the top of the list for the least liked couple on the series. That’s okay with Leida and Eric, furthermore, they understand why.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook Bashed By Fans

It seems this couple agrees with the 90 Day Fiance fans, they looked just awful on the TLC reality series. When Eric and his wife Leida were asked which couple they liked the least on the series, they said it was them, Eric and Leida.

From what they saw on the show’s episodes, they both agree they looked despicable. So, while they understood all the bashing from the fans, they blame it on how the TLC editing took many things out of context.

90 Day Fiance - Eric Rosenbrook - Leida Margaretha - Shes a Doc

Eric recently talked about their time with TLC and how the network asked them back for a spinoff series. He said how TLC pays reality cast members way less than the other networks.

So when Eric and Leida were asked back to 90 Day Fiance, they wanted more money. Apparently TLC didn’t agree, so according to recent reports, the couple severed ties with the show.

Dr. Leida Margaretha?

90 Day Fiance fans must remember first getting a look at Leida when she was introduced to the show. She came off the plane talking about being a doctor in her native country. Her plan was to get her credentials to practice medicine in the US.

Of course, the fans’ jaws dropped at the time. This was around the time she was first seen as a bit wicked on the series. So, fans couldn’t fathom what her bedside manner would look like.


While Leida seemed anxious to become a US doctor, that was basically the last any fans heard about that topic. Until now.

90 day fiance leida doctor now

90 Day Fiance: Is There a Doctor In the House?

Surprisingly enough, Leida made no big fanfare out of her accomplishment of becoming a physician in the US. That announcement came from Leida via an answer to a 90 Day Fiance follower’s question.

As you can see in the social media comments screenshots above, Leida announced this after she was asked the question by a fan. When asked if she was able to validate her medical degree so she can work in the US, she said “Yes I did.”

So some TLC reality series fan out there might be in for a big surprise one day. You may seek medical treatment in the future and the doctor to come through the door just might be Leida Margaretha. She won’t have to ask you to say ahhhhh… most likely your jaw will drop the minute you see her.

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