Sister Wives - Kody Brown Hair Loses to Meri Eyebrows
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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Defined Facial Feature Makes Kody’s Hair Look Tame

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It looks like Sister Wives is mixing it up a bit with Meri Brown suddenly finding herself in Kody Brown’s place and it seems that vanity put her there. For years Kody Brown endured cracks about his hair. But suddenly things change for the Sister Wives patriarch. He’s no longer the topic of conversation when it comes to hair.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Slides In – Kody Fades Out

Kody’s wild mane of hair has been the butt of many jokes. The ladies who share this husband even made a video clip “Ode to Kody Brown’s Hair”. The video, seen below, shows his vanity when it comes to the top of his head.

Today it looks like Meri Brown gets the attention of the Sister Wives fans for her vanity. It’s all about vanity that keeps Kody Brown spending an extraordinary amount of time on his hair. Now Meri’s eyebrow plucking pattern is all the buzz.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown Eyebrows

Meri’s followers aren’t looking at her hair today. They zone in on her eyebrows and some find them too dramatic for the original Sister Wives personality.

Who Knew? Meri’s Eyebrows Make Headlines

It seems Meri Brown’s eyebrows even made headlines in the last few days. Fans can’t stop critiquing the first wife of the Sister Wives tribe and what seems to be the need to have her eyebrows stand out.

So, it looks like Kody Brown has competition when it comes to people talking about his hair. Instead, it’s Meri Brown who gets all the attention today.

There is a difference between the Sister Wives fans when they bring up Kody’s hair. Some people out there love the father of 18’s curls. Some even prefer his man bun days to him letting it all hang loose.’

Sister Wives: Not a Bucket Load of Compliments

While Meri Brown seemed to have a tendency for some time now to darken her eyebrows, they seem too finely chiseled and too dark today. Fans hopped online to offer their thoughts on this facial feature belonging to Meri Brown.

There’s a big difference in the way the viewers offer advice to Meri than their delivery of advice for Kody. Most people don’t bash Meri like they do Kody.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown Hair Fading

Instead, it sounds like her Sister Wives followers are more interested in helping Meri Brown look her best. When the flood gates open up on Kody, he’s hit hard with nasty comments.

With Meri it’s different. Many of her long-time followers believe she’s about ready to leave Kody. This means she’ll start a life of her own which might include a man all to herself.

Since her dedicated followers would love to see her find this new man, they worry the eyebrows won’t help in that matter. So, they let her know it’s not adding to her looks. Many see her eyebrows as unnatural looking and feel a need to pass it along to her.

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