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’90 Day Fiance’: What Big Ed Got In the Philippines Turns Into a Slam at Rose (Video)

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At one time, Big Ed Brown looked like the guy most favored by the viewers of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, but that ship sailed and finally sunk.  First, Big Ed appeared as an American man attempting to find love in the Philippines. But now, many of the 90 Day Fiance fans think he appears to be looking for something else.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Big Ed Brown Disgusts the Fans Again

Rose Vega was the so-called love of his life but it looks like the fans, as well as Rose, don’t buy that line anymore. Rose’s disgust over Ed came to a head in recent 90 Day Fiance episodes. Up until lately, all fans had to go on for gauging how Rose felt was her facial expressions.

90 Day Fiance - Rose Vega - Before the 90 Days

Anger, disgust, and embarrassment were seen on her face but she recently started to spout off words of her disdain for Big Ed. After Ed told Rose her breath smelled, she walked out of the room and said “you’re ugly” in her native language. Ed didn’t know what she said but thanks to the 90 Day Fiance subtitles, the fans did.

Rose Vega Lays It All Out For Fans

Then came an Instagram post from Rose who laid it all out there for the 90 Day Fiance followers. Rose was angry and embarrassed over what Ed did to her when she posted a video of herself slamming him. In that video Rose said:

“People don’t believe him. He doesn’t really care about me.” She then said, “He just wants to be famous, that’s why he’s doing that. He did not even give me any gifts except bra and panties. All the words out of his mouth are lies. It’s not at all true. He did not care about me, especially my son. I always talk about you. You are always liar. You are a liar. It’s fake. All this is lies.”

While the English language isn’t Rose’s first language, she certainly got across her feelings in spite of it all. Ed seems to infuriate the 90 Day Fiance fans just about every time he opens his mouth.

Big Ed did it again recently when he made his own video. He slammed Rose once again after seemingly coming home without her.  Ed is home in the states in real-time. So he said in the video:

“Hey everybody, Big Ed here, listen you guys know I went to the Philippines obviously.” He held up a coffee cup saying, “this is the only thing I got from the Philippines a mug. I’m just kidding. I got a mug and some great coffee.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Big Ed Too Flippant For His Own Good?

Fans are angry over Big Ed’s flippant behavior. They see Rose as a woman who knows nothing but poverty. He went over to the Philippines to scope Rose out as a future wife. But instead of treating her with respect, he acted more as if he was buying a used car. Fans found the entire ordeal disgusting.

He started to groom Rose almost immediately by suggesting she take a bath, shave her legs, and brush her teeth. Then he did go to bed with her. Now it seems that he’s back in the US without Rose and happy to have a mug in place of her.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs new episodes Sunday at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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  1. I like Big Ed, Rose was no innocent. They were both scoping out their future. And he gave her more than panties, so that right there tells me she lies. I did not believe her when she said she knew nothing about her sister asking him for money. jmo

  2. If so was so self conscious about your looks. How do you think Rose felt when you had to announce it to the pubic. Her breathe smells and how you dislike hair on her legs?
    When you lied to her about your height. And pretend you wanted children
    This show has made you arrogant. When the show if over you will still look like a peanut

  3. I’m Team Rose all the way.
    BIG ED is too erird and hss no nudiness judging you.
    He acted like a Princess when he stayed at Rose’s home. Do you homework Ed before you travel to a 3rd world country. I lived in SE Asia for over 10yrs. PHILIPPINES is a very poor country. Rose sweet and you constantly lied to her. I poor gal thought you were better than the creeper you Are! It’s just the truth! It grosses me out to think you sleep with her. You are Rude!

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