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‘Fox and Friends’: Star at Home Teary-Eyed Over Coronavirus Separation

The nation’s most popular morning show, Fox and Friends, continues to deliver the news but there’s one famous face missing these days. The coronavirus changed the way the world goes about its business. For the famous weather anchor, Janice Deen, this means she is stuck at home.

Most of the star anchors from the Fox News network remain on the screen. But the Fox and Friends veteran personality, Janice Dean, is really missed by fans and co-stars alike.

Fox and Friends: Janice Dean Stuck at Home

Janice Dean delivers the weather to the Fox and Friends viewers every weekday morning. But not these days, as the threat of the coronavirus keeps the famous weather anchor at home. While Janice has not contracted the coronavirus, she falls into that “at-risk” category, if she should come down with the illness.

Since being diagnosed with MS over a decade ago, Janice is one of the many Americans you hear about with underlying medical conditions. Due to these conditions, fighting the illness isn’t as easy as it is for someone without health problems.

So, if Janice were to fall ill to the coronavirus this puts her at risk. It’s the same for the elderly, which is another population at risk. While Janice is at home with her kids riding out this pandemic, her fans miss her.

Weather Anchor Pops In During Her Social Distancing

But through the modern technology of Facetime, Janice Dean was back on the show Friday. While she was still at home, she was able to say hi and update all her fans. The first thing you notice is how comfortable the Fox and Friends celebrity looks.

She tied her normal flowing golden locks in a ponytail. She probably doesn’t have her makeup and hair people with her at home. But she looked great just the same.  Since you only got to see her face, it didn’t matter if she opted to go to work in her pajamas or not. Only Janice Dean knows that for sure.

This very active weather anchor is keeping busy helping home school her kids. Schools closed due to the pandemic but the classroom lessons must go on.

Fox and Friends: Janice Offers Up Idea For Homebound Families

Janice showed up on the Fox and Friends show Friday morning. She got teary-eyed when talking to her co-hosts because she missed them so much. But she’s doing her part and she hopes others will do the same and heed the instructions on social distancing the government put in place.

While at home with kids, the Fox and Friends weather anchor passed along a few ideas to keep you and your family busy. One that Google offers stands out.

Instead of TV or movies, Google offers virtual tours of hundreds of the world’s museums. From England to France over to the US and throughout the world, these museums offer so much to see.

So take a tip from homebound Fox and Friends weather anchor, Janice Dean. Keep your family safe but at the same time busy by exploring the museums around the world from the comforts of your own home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Come back to Entertainment Chronicle for news on all your favorite TV and reality shows.


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