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Fans Call Out Jim Bob & Michelle For Mistreating Jana Duggar

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Counting On alums Jim Bob and Michelle are getting called out for how they treat their kids, especially Jana. The 34-year-old daughter has been living with her parents her whole life. She has yet to be in a relationship, making her the oldest Duggar to remain single today. However, some Reddit users believe the Duggar parents played a significant role in how Jana’s life turned out. Keep reading to see what people have to say about Jim Bob and Michelle.

Counting On: How’s Jana Duggar Today?

It’s been quite some time since Jana interacted with her followers on social media. Her last post was back in May 2022, where she recycled wood scraps for her future projects. But despite her online absence, she still participates in Duggar family get-togethers. Many were surprised by her new look during the Christmas season last year. The Counting On alum straightened and trimmed her hair, giving her a much younger look. She has also been wearing pants more often, suggesting that Jim Bob and Michelle have toned down their strict dress codes.

Jana Duggar
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Jim Bob & Michelle Called Out For Mistreating Jana

Some Reddit users are calling out Jim Bob and Michelle for mistreating Jana. According to the poster, the Duggar parents came up with a “buddy system,” which is a system that requires an older child to take responsibility for a younger sibling. However, there was also a “jurisdictions” system, which was a chore system for the kids. But the Reddit user recalled that Jana was tasked with cleaning Jim Bob and Michelle’s room.

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“I can’t imagine my parents having me or my siblings clean their room. They really do exploit their kids in every way possible,” the poster added. Others agreed and pointed out how Jana Duggar has been mistreated throughout the years. Some also assume that the former Counting On star is assigned to be the caretaker of her parents until they get old.

  • “The two of them can’t even clean their OWN room??? What kind of example does that set? Just have kids and more kids so that you have full-time nannies, cooks, and maids once they turn 8 y/o? My parents’ bedroom was off limits growing up in my house.”
  • “I think that’s done very purposefully. As the oldest daughter, Jana has been slated to be her parents’ caretaker since the day she was born. She IS Jim Bob’s retirement plan.”
  • “I used to feel sorry for Jana, but I don’t feel sorry for any of them anymore. She chose to stay at home and unmarried. If she’s unhappy, she should look at her own life choices like the rest of us.”

Counting On: Jana Duggar’s Rumored Relationship

Jana was previously rumored to be dating a pilot named Stephen Wissman. Photos of the two traveling together surfaced online, creating speculation about their romantic relationship. The Counting On alum also spent Christmas with the Wissmann family in 2020. But things suddenly went silent between the two. Many believe that Stephen backed off from the courtship due to the Duggar family’s controversies following Josh’s CSAM arrest in 2021.

Jana Michelle Instagram
Photo Credit: @janamduggar Instagram

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