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‘Counting On’ Fans React To Jana Duggar’s ‘Choice’ To Stay Single

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Counting On star Jana Duggar has made many of her fans curious about her relationship status. She’s currently the oldest Duggar to remain single. Some believe that the 33-year-old outsmarted everyone by avoiding the IBLP’s system and earning her freedom the way she wanted. However, some Redditors think it wasn’t the case, and Jana may be suffering deep inside. Keep reading to see what the Reddit users have to say about the second Duggar child.

Counting On: Jana Duggar’s Relationship Status

Jana stepped away from social media following the CSAM arrest of her brother, Josh. It was reported that she was once linked to a pilot named Stephen Wissman. Multiple photos of them next to each other also surfaced online. At one point, the two spent Christmas with the Wissmann family. However, things suddenly went silent between them after the controversies that the Duggar family faced.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @janamduggar Instagram

Since then, Jana has only been seen at Duggar family get-togethers. Some of her recent sightings also show that she’s looking a lot happier today. But there are speculations that the Counting On alum may be going through some rough times in her life.

Fans Think Staying Single Wasn’t Jana’s Choice

Some Redditors discussed the possible reason that Jana didn’t choose to be single. According to the poster, the Counting On alum may not be the “mastermind” some assume. The poster also noted that she was raised in a difficult household with extreme pressure from her parents.

Jana Michelle Instagram
Photo Credit: @janamduggar Instagram

I think we are forgetting the way Jana was raised. Based on her upbringing, she has failed and is not fulfilling her life’s purpose. All of her adult sisters and brothers have achieved this ultimate end goal of marriage and family, and she is the only one who hasn’t joined that club.

The poster also added that they feel sorry for Jana Duggar for her “tremendous sadness and longing.” Meanwhile, some said there’s still a chance the TLC alum may still find a man, especially if she wanted to.

  • “With regards to Jana, I tend to believe the family line that she’s very picky about her suitors,” one person said.
  • “Jana is conventionally attractive and by NWA fundie standards a 10/10 smokeshow. She could find a guy before I hit post on this comment if she really wanted one,” another Reddit user added.

Counting On: Did Jana Duggar Sign A Contract?

Some Reddit users from the same thread also talked about the possibility that Jana may have signed a contract, which restricts her from getting into a relationship. According to one commenter, there was a “single service contract” some Duggar girls mentioned back then, stating that Jana has a 10-year period for staying single and serving in the IBLP.

Counting On Jana Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @janamduggar Instagram

Was it Jill or Jinger who had alluded that Jana had signed a “single service contract” with the IBLP? From what I understand, these contracts prohibit marriage (and s*x) for a 10 year period while the signee serves the ministry.

Some Redditors also said that such contracts are real, but they are not always on a piece of paper. “They are not always written, but encouraged in the form of vows, which puts huge psychological pressure on young people,” another commenter added.

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