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‘Sister Wives’ Why Fans Are Happy For Truely Brown

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Sister Wives star Truely Brown has been making headlines following the wedding special finale. Many were left in awe by her positive mindset towards Christine and David. The 12-year-old revealed that she already considered the two as husband and wife before they even got married. Some Redditors are also happy for the sixth child of Christine following the wedding specials. Keep reading to see what fans have to say about Truely.

Sister Wives: Truely & Kody Brown’s Awkward Relationship

Truely had an awkward final moment with Kody during Season 18. The father and daughter stood next to each other during their goodbye. The Brown family patriarch asked his daughter if she was okay and where her smile was. However, Truely looked uncomfortable during the conversation and kept looking in a different direction. According to some, it just shows that Kody has never been close to his daughter, and many believe that it’s due to his absence. Here are some of the comments from the YouTube clip.

Sister Wives Kody Truely
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube
  • “I love Truely’s reaction to Kody’s manipulation! You can tell she doesn’t buy his BS and she’s better living just with her mum!”
  • “Kody’s relationship is so shallow with Truely. It’s sad. He acts more like a distant, awkward uncle and you can easily tell she’d rather be anywhere else. That is not Christine’s fault in any way, that is all on Kody and it’s disgusting that he won’t recognize that.”

Fans Are Happy For Truely

Some Reddit users reacted to Truely’s scenes during the wedding special finale. According to the poster, they got emotional when Christine’s youngest child brought up the rings and gave the newlyweds hugs. The Reddit users also mentioned how genuine she was with David, which is something she struggled to show during her final days with Kody. Here are some of the comments from the Sister Wives fans.

Truely Brown
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube
  • “When she brought up the rings and gave them both hugs. So genuine with David… (when it appeared to be cringe with Kody when they moved away.)”
  • “Truely will have spent more one on one time with David by the time she leaves home, than she ever spent with Kody. Regardless of what she calls him, David will be the father figure for her., which is probably a very good thing.”
  • “I was honestly blown away by Truey so grown up and cool! She is cooler at 13 than I have ever been in my life.”
  • “Kody is on camera saying he had a second chance at being a dad with Robyn’s kids because they are young. Truely is only a year older than Sol. Imagine how painful that is for her to hear. Just like Ysabel hearing Kody tell her he can’t go to her surgery because his family needs him.”

Sister Wives: How’s Truely Brown With Christine & David Today?

Christine has been sharing photos with David and their kids on social media. They’ve already traveled a lot last year, including their trip to London. The Sister Wives star has also shared how close her daughter is to David. In one of her interviews, Christine revealed that her significant other “gets along fantastic with Truely.” “And I think that was the final clinch for me. He came over one time and he started talking with Truely, and he just sat down with her and got her. He understood her,” she added.

Christine David Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @david__woolley Instagram

Nevertheless, Christine Brown made it clear that David would never replace Kody as the children’s father. Meanwhile, some of the adults already accept David into their lives. One of them is Mykelti, who said in the wedding special that she already sees him as a stepfather.

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