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Sister Wives’ Fans Think THIS Is The Reason For Robyn Brown’s Denial

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is getting called out following the second episode of Christine and David Woolley’s wedding special. The 45-year-old has been acting suspiciously, according to some viewers. Some even slammed the fourth wife for showing her controlling behavior by forcefully stopping Kody from speaking multiple times. Some Redditors also talked about the possible reasons for her denial and heartbreak. Keep reading to see what they have to say about Robyn.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Suspicious Behavior

Robyn has been under fire for her odd behavior during the wedding special. According to some, the Sister Wives star sounded bitter in some of her interviews. At one point, she told the cameras that she’s hoping that Christine and David “can be” happy in their marriage instead of a proper wish to the newlyweds. Many are also disturbed by her decision to stop her husband multiple times from his rants. Others also noticed that she looked miserable during the Talk Back and Look Back.

Sister Wives Robyn Kody
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Fans Discuss Reason For Robyn’s Denial & Heartbreak

Some Reddit users also discussed the infamous story of Robyn Brown, in which she proudly claimed that she’d give Kody a forever honeymoon experience. According to the poster, despite being laughed at by Janelle, Robyn insisted that it was feasible. But fast-forward to becoming a full-time spouse, it seems that she’s starting to regret her decision.

Sister Wives Kody Robyn Brown
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  • “It’s hard to maintain the honeymoon experience when he’s clogging the toilet and leaving toenail clippings around, kwim? He’s no longer on first date fart check, and the reality is ruining her fairytale,” the poster added. Here are some of the comments Robyn Brown received.
  • “It was easy for her to give him that at first because he left and she had a break from him. Now, she’s stuck with him 24/7 and playing second fiddle to his hair. I’m sure it’s exhausting living with him since he’s such an angry toddler about his ex-wives not being “loyal” and his kids cutting him off.”
  • “That’s the thing. Robyn has no one to blame or hide behind now.”
  • “It’s only a matter of time before they have to look at each other without anyone else to put the blame upon. It’s going to be interesting and likely wont fair well for either one of them.”

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Says Kody & Robyn Brown’s Marriage Is Superficial

Some Reddit users from the same thread also talked about Janelle’s comments about how Robyn and Kody’s relationship was superficial, which could be the reason why the fourth wife has been miserable since the departure of her sister wives.

Kody Robyn YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube
  • “Yup! Also, Janelle mentioned a few episodes ago that relationships have bad and good times and that Robyn and Kody’s relationship is superficial!”
  • “That’s exactly what I think , it was based on a superficial hot s*x aka the mistress “best customer” experience! Now that he’s around 24/7 life is about to bitch slap them both!”

Meanwhile, some mentioned that Robyn Brown’s lifestyle would soon change now that she no longer has the financial support of her ex-sister wives. Mykelti even claimed last year that the married couple was looking to downsize in Flagstaff.

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