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‘Sister Wives’ Was Robyn Brown Really A Diesel Model?

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Sister Wives star Kody claims that Robyn had an interesting job back then. According to the patriarch, his fourth wife was a Diesel jeans model in 2010. However, some fans aren’t having it, especially with the lack of evidence. Meanwhile, some made efforts to try and find clues about the 45-year-old’s modeling gig. Keep reading to see if Robyn was really a model.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Claims Robyn Was A Model

Kody revealed in a recent interview that Robyn once worked as a model for Diesel jeans shortly before marrying into the Brown family. It also appears that Kody took it as a compliment to himself that he attracted a young model. According to him, he sees her arrival in the family as a big success for his advocacy of polygamy. He also added that Robyn had other offers from different people to marry her. But she decided to choose plural marriage instead.

Robyn 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Fans Share Theories About Robyn’s Diesel Jeans Gig

At this point, there is still no proof of Kody’s claims about Robyn being a model. However, some fans on Reddit theorized that the Sister Wives star may have been a victim of popular antics back then. According to a Reddit user, their sister “got scouted” at a mall back in the 2000s and was forced to pay around $3,000 for a photoshoot. She was also “guaranteed” to land a job as a model but never got any. The poster added that Robyn may have fallen for such scams which were very popular back then.

Robyn Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Others agreed with the possibility that it was the modeling job Kody Brown was talking about. Another person also said that some malls in the early 2000s would style “volunteers,” and they would make a runway walk like a model. “I don’t think he meant that she literally modeled for Diesel jeans. I think she absolutely either got scouted at a mall, or just had people around her telling her she should be a model,” another commenter added.

Sister Wives: Fans Mock Fun Of Robyn Brown’s Alleged Modeling Career

Aside from the speculations, some fans couldn’t help but make fun of Robyn’s modeling career as well. In a different Reddit post, one person shared screenshots from the Sister Wives star’s funny old scene where she dances at the camera while wearing jeans. “He married a Diesel Jeans model ya’ll” the poster said.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Others also laughed at the post and mentioned the time when she had thousands in debt at Victoria’s Secret. “It all makes sense now, she NEEDED to spend 30k at Victoria’s Secret buying long pants because a ‘diesel jeans model” another Reddit user added.

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