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‘Sister Wives’: Brown Kids Horrified At Polygamy?

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Sister Wives stars Janelle and Christine Brown recently opened up about how their kids feel about polygamy. It’s no secret that things haven’t been the same since they moved to Flagstaff. Kody has made questionable decisions for the family, and some fans believe the kids are the most affected by their recent struggles. According to the two mothers, they believe the kids wouldn’t want to live the same lifestyle again. Keep reading to learn more.

Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up About The Family’s Big Dream

Janelle opened up about the family’s dream before things went sideways. According to the Sister Wives star, she and Kody had a vision of raising all the kids under one roof. However, it was almost impossible, as they knew they wouldn’t fit. Regardless, she made it clear that the kids have always been their priority, despite living separately.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Kody’s questionable decisions for the family put a strain on his relationships with his children, especially Janelle’s. He attended Savanah’s graduation back in May. But his status between Gabriel and Garrison remains in question.

Christine & Janelle Brown Think the Kids Would Never Want To Be In A Polygamy

Christine and Janelle discuss why they think their children wouldn’t fit into polygamy. According to the former second wife, none of her kids have chosen to live such a lifestyle. She even added that there are no other polygamists in their church. The mother of six also believes that polygamy is hard, and she thinks her kids will need a religious conviction, which they don’t have.

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On the other hand, Christine Brown revealed that her kids have witnessed how hard it is to live in a polygamous family. She revealed that some of her kids think it’s just not for them, especially after seeing the separation and never-ending arguments between Kody and his wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Christine Brown Are Now Living Happily

At this point, Christine and Janelle are now living happily after calling it quits with Kody. The former third wife is currently engaged to David Woolley. They’ve been going on memorable trips with the kids, including a vacation in London late in July. Meanwhile, Janelle has been living in an RV and often visits her kids in Utah.

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TLC also renewed Christine Brown’s cooking show spinoff amid the airing of Season 18. On the other hand, Meri has been trying to live a life away from the ex-polygamy family. She’s been sharing motivational quotes about moving on and embracing changes in her life.

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