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‘Sister Wives’: Madison Brush Shares Bravery Of Evie Despite Condition

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Sister Wives star Madison Brush is one of the most active daughters of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown on social media. Most of the time, Madison shares adorable updates about her kids, especially when it comes to her newborn daughter, Josephine. She has also been praised due to her dedication to her son, Axel, who recently graduated from his speech and occupational therapy. Now, Madison is back to share another update for the fans. This time, the mom of three is sharing the brave side of her daughter, Evie, despite her condition.

Sister Wives: Madison Brush Shares Bravery Of Evie Despite Condition

In a social media postSister Wives star Madison Brush shared a lengthy message that talks about the brave side of Evie. According to Madison, Evie has been aware of her condition and she knows she’s different from others. However, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she wants. “She knows she looks a little different, and she is completely confident in it!” Madison noted. Madison also said that she’s hoping that Evie will continue to stay that way and prove to other children like her that such a condition shouldn’t be a hindrance to becoming happy in life. “She is strong and capable and I hope you see that,” Madison added.

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Madison Shares Cooking Day With Evie

Sister Wives star Madison Brush also took to social media to share her adorable cooking day with Evie. According to Madison, Evie loves to help with cooking. She usually helps with mixing ingredients in the bowl. Fans are also praising Madison for making unforgettable memories with Evie. Meanwhile, some fans are hoping that Madison and Evie will be able to take part in Christine Brown’s online cooking show.

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Sister Wives: How’s Madison Brush’s Newborn Daughter?

At this point, Sister Wives star Madison Brush has yet to share major updates about her newborn daughter, Josephine. However, her past posts about her clearly show that everything is going well. Meanwhile, fans are calling out Kody Brown for his lack of presence when it comes to his grandkids, especially the newborns. Apparently, reports claimed that Kody still hasn’t met Josephine as well as Mykelti Padron’s twin sons, Archer and Ace. Many are also upset that Kody hasn’t been there for his kids who recently celebrated their birthdays. One of which is Garrison Brown, who turned 25 this month.

Sister Wives Madison Brown Kids Instagram
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It’s clear to see that things are still complicated between Kody and his kids. On the other hand, fans were shocked after Kody was spotted having a great time with Meri Brown despite their split. Do you think that Kody has a chance to rectify his relationship with his kids? Does he even care to be close to his grandchildren? Let us know in the comments below.

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