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‘Counting On’: Amy King Struggling On Finding New Endorsements?

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Counting On star Amy King has been considered one of the most controversial members of the Duggar family throughout the years. Fans often see her doing questionable things with her husband. She also loves to throw shade at Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar. Anna has also teased writing a book that exposes the wrongdoings of Jim Bob. It seems that not everyone is taking Amy’s side though. Some fans recently found out that Amy and her husband, Dillon King, appear to be struggling on finding new endorsements.

Counting On: Amy King Struggling On Finding New Endorsements?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on an email shared by an anonymous person. Apparently, the email shows Amy King’s husband, Dillon King, asking a company for an endorsement. Dillon flaunted their growing followers on Instagram and other social media. However, fans were stunned by the outrageous numbers that Dillon left regarding his TikTok views. According to Dillon, they already have “600,000,000,000” views on TikTok. Some fans think it shouldn’t be an indication of their online success. Others also pointed out that it may be a sign that the two are starting to struggle to find new endorsements due to their controversial image online.

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Amy’s Questionable Activities

Counting On star Amy King has done several questionable things throughout the years. At one point, Amy shocked the fans after sharing clips and pictures with her husband as they drink wine and got a little intimate. Amy also loves to shade members of the Duggar family even though no one is firing back. According to some, it’s possible that Amy is now excommunicated and most of the Duggar kids are no longer permitted to talk to her and her husband.

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Counting On: Amy King’s Clothing Business

Counting On fans have also watched Amy King’s clothing business grow. She has had to move her store several times to expand. However, Amy hasn’t been promoting her store lately, and fans think she’s starting to struggle with sales. There are also reports that Amy is starting to struggle to pay rent as it’s much higher than what she’s been making.

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At this point, Amy has yet to share major updates about her business. Fans are hoping that she will continue to work on her boutique and gain more endorsements in the coming months.

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