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‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Makes Fans Laugh With Adorable Pic Of Wife

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Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been living their best lives in Los Angeles. Most of the time, the two share their adventures around LA. Fans are also impressed by the massive changes in Jinger’s lifestyle since moving to LA. Jinger is also considered one of the most popular Duggars today due to her controversial book against the IBLP. However, despite releasing such a book, Jinger still proves to everyone that she’s still on good terms with her family. Now, Jinger is making headlines once again after Jeremy shared an adorable picture of her during their recent family time.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo Makes Fans Laugh With Adorable Picture Of Wife

In a social media post, Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo shared an adorable picture of his wife, Jinger Duggar. According to Jeremy, there’s a funny story behind Jinger’s photo. “I call this one “attempting to take a picture of my wife but our two year old moves very quickly.” Oil-on-canvas prints are available for purchase,” Jeremy said. Meanwhile, fans are praising Jinger and Jeremy for their efforts in spending time with their kids outdoors. It appears that they’re still keeping things private about Felicity and Evangeline. However, fans are glad that Jinger and Jeremy never forget to share stories about them.

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Jeremy’s Habit Of Sharing Stunning Pictures Of Wife

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo has a habit of sharing stunning pictures of Jinger Duggar. Most of the time, Jeremy shares pictures of Jinger defying the dress code of the Duggar family. At one point, Jeremy shared a picture of Jinger wearing shorts during their morning date. It also appears that the number of Duggars not following their dress codes has been increasing in recent years. Michelle Duggar even made headlines after spending time with her daughters while half of them were wearing pants.

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Counting On: Jinger Duggar’s Status With The Duggar Family

At this point, Counting On star Jinger Duggar has yet to share her current status with the Duggar family. However, her recent bonding time with some of her sisters and mother in Arkansas clearly shows that they’re still in touch. Apparently, fans thought that Jinger ended her relationship with the Duggars, especially her parents, after releasing her controversial book. But it seems that the book didn’t affect how the Duggar family looks at Jinger. Some even think that there are more Duggars who support Jinger’s book.

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Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will soon give Jinger’s book a chance. Yet, some doubt that Jim Bob will ever read his daughter’s book, especially with the big name he has made with the IBLP. Do you think her parents might read it out of sheer curiosity? Or will it never happen? Let us know in the comments.

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