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‘Sister Wives’: Madison Brown Goes Q&A About Evie’s Condition

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Sister Wives star Madison Brown loves to share updates about her kids. Most of the time, Madison shares adorable clips of Axel and Evie. She’s been living her best life with her newborn daughter as well. However, fans are starting to become more curious about Evie as she starts getting bigger. Apparently, Evie was born with a condition called FATCO syndrome, which is a rare medical syndrome where bones do not fully develop. Fortunately for the fans, Madison has been transparent regarding her daughter’s condition. She even took social media recently to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Evie.

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Does A Q&A About Evie’s Condition

Sister Wives star Madison Brown took to social media to share her answers to some of the most popular questions from the fans. One of them is about how Evie feels whenever she gets a new prosthetic. According to Madison, the old prosthetic is sometimes tight and short. Due to this, Evie is more than excited whenever she gets a new one. Madison even shared a picture of her daughter looking happy with her brand-new prosthetic legs.

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Madison Opens Up About Daughter’s Hands

Sister Wives star Madison Brown also answered a question regarding her daughter’s hands. Apparently, Evie was born with 6 fingers. Due to this, fans became curious if Evie needed any adaptive tools for her hands. According to Madison, Evie doesn’t use any adaptive tools. They also said that they did look for possible fixes. However, she made it clear that Evie is able to do pretty much everything despite having 6 fingers. “Kids are adaptable. She has only known this, so when she wanted to do something, she just does it,” Madison added.

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Photo Credit: @madison_rose11 Instagram

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Shares Thoughts About Evie’s Future

Sister Wives star Madison Brown also shared her thoughts about Evie’s future. According to Madison, she’s making sure that Evie’s prosthetic will grow with her and that her growth will be the same as a normal person will experience. Meanwhile, some fans are curious if Evie’s condition will affect her own kids one day. “It would be like her winning the lottery. There is nothing in her genetic makeup that points to a reason why it happened,” she added. Madison also said that Evie’s condition wasn’t inherited. Due to this, she’s confident that the condition won’t be passed down to future generations.

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Photo Credit: @madison_rose11 Instagram

Fans are thankful for Madison’s recent Q&A and for being transparent about her daughter. Many also hope that the mother of 3 will continue sharing updates about her growing family.

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