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‘Sister Wives’: Madison Brush Shares Adorable ‘Twin’ Pic Of Joey & Evie

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Sister Wives star Madison Brush loves to share adorable updates about her family. Most of the time, she shares her wholesome bonding time with her kids. More so, she’s been relishing every moment with her newborn daughter as well. Madison also took to social media recently to remind all parents to give time to their kids as time flies so fast. Now, Madison is back to share another update for the fans. This time, Madison is sharing an adorable twin picture of Josephine and Evie.

Sister Wives: Madison Brush Shares Adorable Twin Pic Of Josephine & Evie

In a social media postSister Wives star Madison Brush shared an adorable picture of Josephine wearing the same outfit Evie used to wear when she was just a baby. “Sweet Joey Lee and Miss Evie Love side by side. Same outfit, same age. Oh, be still my heart! I love seeing Joey in all of Evie’s old stuff. It a bittersweet feeling,” Madison captioned. Meanwhile, fans can’t get enough of how the two look like twins in their photos. “I can hardly tell the difference between them,” one fan said. “Gorgeous! They could be identical twins!!!” another fan added.

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Photo Credit: @madison_rose11 Instagram

Madison Shares Josephine’s Big Smiles

Sister Wives star Madison Brush also took to social media to share Josephine’s big smiles. According to Madison, Josephine has been smiling a lot lately. This wasn’t the first time Madison shared an adorable story with Josephine as well. At one point, she revealed how Evie and Axel love to babysit their newborn sister. Fans are also praising Madison for being a good example to her kids and for teaching them how to take care of their newborn sister.

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Photo Credit: @madison_rose11 Instagram

Sister Wives: Has Kody Brown Ever Met Josephine?

At this point, Sister Wives star Madison Brush has yet to share if her father, Kody Brown, has already met her newborn daughter. However, fans doubt that Kody has tried anything to meet Josephine. There are also speculations that Kody hasn’t been talking to any of his kids since Christine Brown left. Kody is often spotted with Robyn Brown as well. He also made headlines after fans saw him in a luxurious hotel in Las Vegas. According to some, it may be an indication that Kody has finally moved on from his plural family and is now focusing more on living monogamously with Robyn.

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Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

It’s clear to see how bad things have turned in the plural family after Season 17. Yet, it seems that there are still stories to be told after Paedon Brown teased the possibility of another season. Are you interested in seeing more from the Browns? Or are you over the family and their antics? Let us know in the comments.

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