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‘Counting On’: James Duggar Shares Hilarious Clip Of ‘Leftover’ Cars

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Counting On star James Duggar is one of the most active Duggars on social media today. He recently documented his adventures in Europe with some of his friends and siblings. Fans are also praising James for the content he’s been uploading on his YouTube channel. Aside from his travels, James also loves to share his fun time with his friends. He even shocked everyone when they decided to play soccer using cars. Now, James is back to share a major update about what they did to the cars that they used.

Counting On: James Duggar Shares Hilarious Clip Of Leftover Cars

In a social media post, Counting On star James Duggar shared a hilarious clip featuring the leftover cars. According to James, they ended up doing wild things with the vehicles that they used to play soccer with. James and his friends stacked the four cars together, creating a big tower. Moments later, James revealed that the cars ended up in the junk pile. Meanwhile, some fans felt bad for the cars as it still functions. But some assume that the cars lacked components to be used for regular transportation, which is why James and his friends decided to just play with them.

Counting On James Duggar 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram

James & Friends’ Car Hobby

Counting On fans have been noticing James Duggar’s growing love for cars. According to some, James has been sharing clips from their garage where he and his friends modify cars. Fans also love how James spends a lot of time with his friends, which is something that his older siblings weren’t able to do back in the day. Some even consider James the new face of the Duggar family because of how often he documents the major events in the family.

Counting On James Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram

Counting On: What’s Next For James Duggar?

At this point, Counting On star James Duggar has yet to share major updates after his recent trip to Europe. However, fans assume that he’s already planning to fly across countries again. It’s unclear where James is getting all the funds to do such expensive trips. But fans believe Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar have been supporting their son’s activities.

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Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram

Meanwhile, some fans are curious if James will soon enter a relationship. But some doubt it and said that James appears to have more interest in living his best life with his friends and siblings. Do you support his life choices regardless of what he does? Let us know in the comments below.

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