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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Shares What Keeps Her Positive In Life

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown loves to share puzzling messages on social media. But since her official split with Kody Brown, Meri has been focusing more on giving motivational words to her followers. It also appears that traveling is one of Meri’s ways to stay happy in life. Now, Meri is back to share another update for the fans. This time, Meri is sharing what keeps her positive in life after the heartbreaking end of the plural family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares What Keeps Her Positive In Life

In a social media postSister Wives star Meri Brown shared a clip of herself talking about what keeps her positive in life. “Doing these 3 things daily can boost your mood! 1 – Read! 2 – Gratitude! 3 – Movement!” Meri captioned. It’s clear to see that Meri has been coming up with different ways to stay strong after her split with Kody Brown. Fans also took to Meri’s comment section to commend her for becoming an inspiration to many after everything she’s been through.

Sister Wives Meri Brown 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Fans Think Meri Has Improved Since Split With Kody

Sister Wives fans also think Meri Brown has changed a lot since her split with Kody Brown. Meri used to post cryptic quotes and puzzling messages that seemed to shade Kody Brown. She has also done questionable actions during Season 17, especially when she decided not to support Christine Brown’s decision to leave.

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Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

However, it seems that Meri has finally come to a realization after calling it quits with Kody. “Glad to see your attitude has changed, and for the better. Probably has A LOT to do with ending your relationship with Kody,” one person said. “So happy for you that you do the work to always try and stay positive,” another person added.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Future Projects?

At this point, Meri Brown has yet to share her future projects. She recently faced backlash with her B&B retreat as well. Apparently, fans were furious when they found out that Meri’s retreat cost $6,000. Meri didn’t reveal what actually happened in her retreat. But some fans pointed out that she was just selling items from LuLaRoe during the retreat’s launch date, suggesting that it was canceled due to the lack of participants.

Sister Wives Meri Brown 9 Instagram
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Meanwhile, TLC has yet to share if they will bring back the plural family for another season. But there have been speculations that Christine Brown and her new lover, David Woolley, are currently filming their own spinoff. Which would you rather see: the plural family or the happy new couple or both? Let us know in the comments below.

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