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‘Sister Wives’: No Plans For Meri To Leave Flagstaff After Split With Kody?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been receiving a lot of support from fans since her split with Kody Brown. Some people said that Meri should’ve called it quits with Kody a long time ago. However, it seems that she truly wanted to make things work with him. However, it seems that Season 17 was a wake-up call for Meri. Apparently, Kody has expressed his loss of interest in his first wife. His unfair relationship with Robyn Brown also became more obvious during the latest season. Now, Meri is back with an update for her fans. This time, Meri relishes the snow in Flagstaff with a strong message about failure.

Sister Wives: No Plans For Meri Brown To Leave Flagstaff After Split With Kody Brown?

In a social media postSister Wives star Meri Brown shared a clip of herself enjoying the recent snow in Flagstaff. Meri also took the opportunity to share a motivational message. “Failure is not failure unless you stop. Failure is only a step toward your success. It’s part of the process! Keep going, you got this!” Meri said. Fans praised Meri for the positivity she brings online. Many are also hoping that Meri will soon find the happiness she deserves, similar to what Christine Brown has found.

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Was Meri’s Recent Retreat Cancelled?

At this point, Sister Wives star Meri Brown has yet to share updates regarding her recent retreat. Apparently, the retreat was showered with criticisms due to Meri’s $6,000 fee. There are also reports that the retreat was canceled due to the lack of participants. Meanwhile, some fans pointed out that Meri ended up selling LuLaRoe over the past weekend, which may indicate that the retreat did not happen at all.

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Sister Wives: Will Meri Brown Sell Her Flagstaff Property?

Sister Wives fans have been speculating about what Meri Brown will do with her property in Flagstaff after her split with Kody Brown. According to some, there’s a possibility that Meri will sell her property and move back to Utah. Some fans have noticed Meri’s love for Flagstaff and its nature though. She also loves to walk through the woods by herself near her property. Due to this, others believe that she might still stay near Kody Brown and Robyn Brown despite the recent fallout of the plural family.

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It’s also noticeable that Kody and Robyn are the only ones that Meri follows online, which may be an indication that Meri is still hoping to continue their relationship.

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