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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Are Still Blown Away By This Decision Of Kody

Sister Wives fans have seen the never-ending struggles of the plural family throughout the years. It ultimately led to three of Kody Brown’s wives leaving the plural family as well. Season 17 has also shown how bad things have turned between Kody and his children. However, fans think such things would’ve been avoided if Kody didn’t come up with a major decision back when they were still in Las Vegas.

Sister Wives: Fans Are Still Blown Away By This Decision Of Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans from Reddit discussed why they’re still blown away by Kody Brown’s decision to leave Las Vegas. According to some, things were a lot different in the Vegas cul-de-sac. They were happy and satisfied with how they lived close to each other. Fans also think their never-ending problems in Flagstaff could’ve been avoided if they stayed in Vegas for good. It’s known that the plural family moved to Flagstaff mainly because of Dayton’s college. However, Gwendlyn Brown revealed in her recent Q&A that it’s due to the high mortgage rates.

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Fans Think The Wives Would Still Eventually Leave

Sister Wives fans also think that not leaving Las Vegas may not change anything at all. According to some, they would’ve stayed together a little longer in Vegas, but the wives will eventually get frustrated with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s unfair relationship. Some fans also think that Kody himself has been wanting to live monogamously with Robyn since she entered the plural family. “I think they would’ve been together longer but eventually still separated. Christine was being open and honest with her not getting enough attention/affection from season 1,” one person said. “It just would’ve taken longer. When they all moved to Vegas, the OG wives all started rediscovering themselves,” another person added.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Children Are Finally Stepping Up

Sister Wives fans are also impressed that Kody Brown’s children are finally stepping up. Gwendlyn Brown and Paedon Brown have been using different platforms to talk about their father’s wrongdoings throughout the years. Fans have also seen Kody’s struggles with his sons, Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown. Some fans also think that Kody hasn’t been a great father to his children since their move to Flagstaff. Fortunately, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have been fulfilling the roles Kody should be doing.

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Meanwhile, Meri Brown has been silent when it comes to the plural family. It also appears that she’s focusing more on herself after officially calling it quits with Kody.

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