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‘Sister Wives’: What Are Christine’s Thoughts On New Boyfriend’s Kids?

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Sister Wives fans have been showering Christine Brown with their support lately. Many are glad that she finally found a new love. Fans also noticed that Christine has been looking a lot happier and truly glowing. Christine is currently in a relationship with David Woolley. She has also revealed that David treats her kids well and has already built good relationships with them. However, fans are curious about Christine’s situation with David’s children.

Sister Wives: What Are Christine Brown’s Thoughts On New Boyfriend’s Kids?

Sister Wives fans have been curious about Christine Brown’s thoughts on David Woolley’s kids. David has already spent time with Christine’s kids and grandkids. Yet, fans have yet to see Christine spending time with David’s family. However, Christine is known for her sweet personality and fans assume that she may have already met David’s family behind the cameras. One of David’s kids, Kati Charlene, also took to social media to share how excited she is for Christine and her father’s relationship.

David Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @david__woolley Instagram

David Shows Off His Rides

Sister Wives fans are also impressed with David Woolley’s hobby. Apparently, David took to social media to share that he owns a Jeep. Fans are also impressed by the car’s condition, showing how much David takes care of his vehicles. He also owns a Polaris off-road vehicle, and fans are hoping that he and Christine Brown will ride together soon. It also appears that Christine and David share the same hobbies, especially when it comes to dancing and goofing around with the kids.

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Photo Credit: @david__woolley Instagram

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Christine Brown & David Woolley?

At this point, Christine Brown has yet to share her next activity with David Woolley but it is clear that they enjoy each other a lot. Some fans suggest that TLC should give Christine and David their own spinoff. There are also speculations that David may also take part in the possible Season 18. Meanwhile, fans no longer expect Kody Brown to make it up to Christine, especially after revealing her new lover.

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Janelle Brown has shown support for Christine and David. On the other hand, Meri remains silent about all the things that have been happening to Christine, making fans think that they’re still not on good terms. Do you think Meri, Robyn, and Kody care or are they just remaining silent out of spite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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