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‘Counting On’: How Did Jinger’s Book Effect The Duggar’s Faith In IBLP?

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Counting On fans have been cheering for Jinger Duggar since the release of her book, Becoming Free Indeed. It features her story about how she stepped away from the Duggar family’s religion, the IBLP. The book also features some controversial topics about the harmful ideology in her youth. Fans also love how Jinger is no longer holding back when it comes to exposing the “cult-like” teachings of the IBLP founder, Bill Gothard. Now, fans are becoming more curious as to how Jinger’s book affected the family’s faith in the IBLP.

Counting On: How Did Jinger’s Book Effect The Duggar’s Faith In IBLP?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on how Jinger Duggar’s book affected the Duggar family’s faith in IBLP. According to some, the message of the book will clearly change the mind of some Duggars. There are speculations that the Duggars have been trying to avoid getting a copy of Becoming Free Indeed. However, fans think the Duggars will never avoid the online topic about the book’s content.

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“So I know for sure Jinger & Jill left. I would assume Jessa & Ben? Who’s left in? Of course, Jim Bob & Michelle. After reading Jinger’s book, I am curious!” one person said. At this point, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have yet to confirm if they have officially stepped away from the IBLP. But fans think Jinger’s book will help her come to realize even further. There are also speculations that Jessa’s sudden absence was due to her decision to step away from the IBLP’s “cult-like” teachings.

Fans Think Jim Bob & Michelle Will Never Let Go

Counting On fans also believe that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar will never let go of IBLP. According to some, Jim Bob and Michelle have been with IBLP’s side ever since and have created a good reputation. However, their recent controversies have clearly affected their image among their churchmates. Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to share their comments about Jinger Duggar’s latest book. But fans think they’re clearly not happy about Jinger’s goal to warn people about the Duggar family’s religion.

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Counting On: None Of The Duggar Boys Have Left

Counting On fans also noticed that none of the Duggar boys have left or questioned the IBLP. The same goes for the kids who are still in Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar’s care. Meanwhile, fans are curious about those who live far in Arkansas. One of them is Justin Duggar, who hasn’t been posting anything online lately. According to some, it’s possible that the contents of Jinger Duggar’s book have already reached Justin and his wife, Claire Spivey. But Justin is known for his strong faith in the IBLP. However, fans are not losing hope that Becoming Free Indeed will help Justin and his siblings realize the wrong teachings of Bill Gothard.

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Jinger has been one of the most popular daughters of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar today. Fans also love how Jinger is utilizing her fame to become a good influencer and spread awareness about the IBLP. Have you read her book yet? Do you plan on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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