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‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Shares Adorable Christmas Clips With Kids

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Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar loves to share wholesome updates about her family. She’s been having a blast with her pregnancy as well, and many fans are excited about her growing family. People love how Joy-Anna is trying her best to spread positivity online despite all the challenges her family has faced since Josh Duggar’s conviction. Fans are also praising Joy-Anna for staying in touch even though she has a very busy life. Now, Joy-Anna is back to share adorable Christmas clips with her kids.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Adorable Christmas Clips With Kids

In a social media post, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar shared clips and pictures about how her family spent their Christmas. According to Joy-Anna, she and her kids slept in the living room beside the Christmas tree. Joy-Anna shared clips of the kids checking their large Christmas socks for gifts and candies. She also had some adorable conversations with Gideon and Evelyn as they relish Christmas Day. Both children ended up playing with their toys for the day. Meanwhile, some fans found it odd that Joy-Anna didn’t pay a visit to her parents for the holiday.

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Joy-Anna Skipped The Duggar Family’s Christmas Party?

Counting On star James Duggar recently took to YouTube to share a vlog from the Duggar family’s Christmas party. However, it looked a lot different compared to their past parties. Apparently, a lot of Duggar kids didn’t attend this year’s gathering at the Duggar compound. Joy-Anna Duggar was one of those who did not attend. Her recent social media posts show that they were just at home for Christmas, indicating that she skipped the family’s gathering in Arkansas. Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar were nowhere to be found in the vlog either. Some think they were just trying to avoid the cameras.

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Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Shares New Christmas Tradition

Joy-Anna Duggar also took to social media to share their new Christmas tradition. According to Joy-Anna, they’re now baking sugar cookies for Christmas. Sharing this, she took the opportunity to promote the mixer that they used to make extra income. Meanwhile, fans are glad Joy-Anna and her family are now living their best lives despite all the negativity surrounding them. Joy-Anna even had to take a break for months from social media to find peace, and many are glad that she’s now back to her online activities.

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At this point, Joy-Anna has yet to share major updates about her upcoming third child. All fans know at this point is that the baby will use James as her first or middle name.

If you want more updates on Joy-Anna and the rest of the Duggar family, keep coming back to Entertainment Chronicle.

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