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‘Counting On’: What’s Next For Jana If All Her Siblings Get Married?

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Counting On star Jana Duggar has been one of the most popular daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Apparently, fans have been curious about Jana’s future. She’s currently the oldest Duggar to remain single. There are also reports that Jana has been the caretaker of the Duggar family for so long, and some don’t want to live such a life forever. Now, fans are curious about what Jana is going to do if all of her siblings get married.

Counting On: What’s Next For Jana Duggar If All Her Siblings Get Married?

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on what Jana Duggar will do if all of her siblings get married. Apparently, there are only a few Duggars left who aren’t married. “Say Josie, the youngest, is the last to marry. Say she gets married at 18. That is in 5 years. What is Jana going to do if she isn’t married yet?” one person asked. According to some, there’s a high possibility that Jana will still end up taking care of her parents. Jana has also expressed that she’s fine living a single life.

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However, some think it would be heartbreaking to see Jana being the only Duggar not to get married. There have been rumors that Jana once entered a secret relationship with Stephen Wissmann. But everything between them suddenly disappeared since Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. It’s unclear if the family’s reputation is making it harder for Jana to find a lover. But some think it’s also her decision to remain single.

Where Is Jana Duggar Now?

It’s been quite some time since Counting On star Jana Duggar last shared an update about herself. However, she’s been spotted multiple times on some of her siblings’ vlogs and social media posts. Some also think that she’s looking a lot happier living a private life. James Duggar also took to social media recently to share that Jana decorated their land in Arkansas for Christmas, showing that she’s still living with her parents.

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Counting On: Jana Duggar Quit Social Media?

It’s unclear why Jana Duggar remains inactive on social media. But Counting On fans believe that the negativities that Josh Duggar’s conviction brought to the family played a significant role in her sudden absence. Apparently, Jana used to share most of the updates about the Duggar family since TLC cut ties with them. It also appears that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have no plans on returning online anytime soon.

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At this point, fans can only hope that some of Jana’s siblings will take her role and provide more updates about the big family in Arkansas. Meanwhile, fans are not losing hope that Jana will eventually return, especially now that things the criticisms are finally towards the family are finally cooling down.

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