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‘Counting On’: Fans React To Josh Duggar’s Recent Appeal

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Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggar family lately. Apparently, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been awkwardly silent online for months. They haven’t been acknowledging their newborn grandkids as well, which they used to do back in the day. It’s unclear what was the purpose of Michelle and Jim Bob’s sudden absence. Yet, fans think Josh Duggar’s conviction played a big role in why they’ve been avoiding the public. Now, Josh is making headlines once again after filing an appeal regarding his CSAM arrest.

Counting On: Fans React To Josh Duggar’s Recent Appeal

Counting On fans took Reddit to discuss the recent reports that Josh Duggar filed an appeal regarding his CSAM case. According to some, Josh’s appeal wouldn’t really matter anymore and it will only be a waste of time. Others agree and said that the pieces of evidence against Josh are too strong. Some also pointed out that he’s already proven guilty, and it’s almost impossible for him to defend himself. Meanwhile, some pointed out that Josh’s appeal is just a part of the justice system. “I think it’s just the justice system at work. He’s eligible to appeal, so he appealed. Nothing will come of it because he is guilty, but it’s his right and there’s nothing wrong with him exercising that right,” another person added.

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Are Jim Bob & Michelle Still Helping Josh?

Counting On fans also think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still hoping that they can set their son free from jail. Some also think that Jim Bob is funding Josh’s appeal. At this point, Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to open up about Josh since his conviction. But fans have seen their attempts on trying to defend him. One of which is when Michelle wrote a letter pleading for leniency for Josh.

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Counting On: Where Is Anna Duggar Now?

Counting On star Anna Duggar has yet to share her whereabouts since her husband’s arrest. However, she’s been spotted several times with some of the Duggars in Texas months ago. It’s unclear if she’s still there, but reports claimed that she may have moved near some of her siblings in Texas after Josh Duggar was moved to a prison located in the same state. Fans also believe that Anna is still receiving help from Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. It’s also reported that Jana Duggar took care of Anna’s children during Josh’s trials.

Counting On Anna Duggar Josh Duggar Instagram
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It’s clear to see that Josh’s conviction brought so much stress to the family. There are also speculations that it created a big rift between Jim Bob and some of his kids. Can the family come back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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