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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Ties The Knot, 2 Years Left Of Lock Up

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard is officially off the market. Though she is not eligible to be paroled until 2024, that didn’t stop her from finding happiness. Read onto to find out who her new man is despite being an accomplice to murder.

The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story: Tragic And Twisted

It captivated the world. Gypsy seemed like a young, very ill girl who needed her mother to constantly care for her. Dee Dee Blanchard had convinced relatives and friends, even Gypsy that her daughter was very sick. She was said to have MS, amongst other things, and needed to be homeschooled. Finally, Gypsy realized she was perfectly healthy and her mother was actually the ill one. She had something called Munchausen syndrome by proxy where she convinced Gypsy she was chronically sick when she wasn’t.

Gypsy Blanchard/YouTube

Furthermore, Dee Dee would forge her daughter’s birth certificate so she would appear younger than she was. Some say it was the attention that Dee Dee craved. Eventually, Gypsy found a relationship online with Nick Godejohn. After meeting once, they made arrangements for him to come to town. The two would devise a plan for him to murder Dee Dee. At this point, Gypsy felt it was the only way that she could truly be free of her mother.

Gypsy Blanchard/YouTube
Joey King as Gypsy in The Act on Hulu

After the two ran away, within a short period of time, they were caught. Nick was sentenced to over twenty years behind bars though he did suffer from mental illness issues. As for Gypsy, she was sentenced to ten years with the chance of parole in 2024. Her father felt so bad for not knowing what was really going on that he has fought for her freedom. Yet, she has found immense happiness in the last eight years.

Here Comes The Bride

The Gypsy Rose Blanchard story has become so fascinating that documentaries have been made. Additionally, The Act on Hulu riveted audiences starring Patricia Arquette and Joey King. It has kept Gypsy, 30 relevant and now she has big news. According to Entertainment Tonight, she is a newlywed. Gypsy wed Ryan Scott Anderson from Louisiana on June 27th. The nuptials took place in Missouri and the groom is thirty-six years old. No word on how they met but her family has said, in the past, that most men she meets are from Gypsy fan pages.

Gypsy Blanchard/YouTube

This is not Gypsy’s first prison romance as she was previously engaged to her pen pal, Ken back in 2019. No word how this wedding happened or if her family was in attendance. By the time she gets out, she will still be young enough to start a family and such, barring any issues. What she did was completely wrong. However, she is getting a second chance after losing so much of her life to lies. It will be fascinating to see how this next chapter goes.

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