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‘Sister Wives’: Season 17 Focusing On Kody & Christine’s Split?

Michael Malley

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been living her best life since her split with Kody Brown last year. She’s been spending most of her time with her kids and granddaughter in Utah, as well. It also appears that Christine is now focusing more on living a healthy lifestyle. She even paired up with Janelle Brown to promote the same diet product. Their partnership also resulted in rumors that Christine is still in touch with the plural family. Mykelti Padron also revealed that Christine traveled back to Flagstaff, presumably to film. Now, TLC finally confirms that Christine and the plural family are indeed back for Season 17. The network even shared a teaser for the upcoming season, and fans think that it’s going to focus on the Kody and Christine split.

Sister Wives: Season 17 Focusing On Kody Brown & Christine Brown’s Split?

Fans were surprised after TLC shared a teaser from the 17th season of Sister Wives on their Instagram. #SisterWives returning this fall,” TLC captioned. The teaser was only a 10-second clip showing the main title of the show with one of the four rings falling. According to some, it’s a clear indication that the upcoming season will focus more on Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s split. However, some think that it could also be for another wife. Apparently, some think that the falling ring might be a hint for Meri Brown’s split with Kody. It’s known that the two have been struggling with their relationship for years. Many even consider their marriage “dead” and fans have been wanting Meri to leave.

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Fans Are Hoping Season 17 Will Catch Up

Aside from the possible departure of another wife, Sister Wives fans are also hoping that Season 17 will also catch up to what has been happening in the plural family lately. Apparently, fans have been pointing out that the show is behind for almost two years. The reason behind the delay is unclear. However, it seems that viewers will get the latest updates in Season 17 as well after Mykelti’s revelation that Christine just traveled to Flagstaff to film.

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Sister Wives: Kody & Wives Remain Silent Regarding New Season

At this point, the plural family has been silent regarding Season 17 of Sister Wives. However, fans think that their sudden silence is a hint that they’ve been busy filming lately. Meanwhile, fans can expect that most of them will remain silent about the new season to avoid spoilers. According to TLC, Sister Wives Season 17 will premiere on September 11, 2022. There are not a lot of teasers at this point but many are already expecting TLC to share more updates in the coming days. Especially now that they finally announced the return of the plural family.

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On the other hand, fans are also hoping that Kody will finally do something to fix his struggling family in the upcoming season.

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