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Upcoming Horror: 5 Scary Movies Releasing June 17-24

Robby Steven

The month of June includes a wide range of horror films, including The Black Phone starring Ethan Hawke. 2022 has delivered several high-quality scares, and that looks to be the trend as the year moves forward.

‘Mid-century’ drops on VOD on Friday, June 17. ‘Cyst’ will also be released Video On Demand across several platforms on Friday the 17rh. In theaters, ‘Abandonded’ will be given a limited theatrical on Friday. Next week on video on demand, ‘The Watcher’ drops on VOD, with ‘The Black Phone’ going wide on June 24. Here is a list of 5 upcoming horror movies releasing over the next week in theaters and video on demand.

Upcoming Horror:

Mid-century- June 17 (VOD)
“Looking for a change one weekend, ER doctor Alice and her husband, Tom, rent a glamorous mid-century modern home designed by architect Frederick Banner. After that, as they investigate the home, they learn that Banner and his two wives died mysteriously—yet their spirits are very much alive. As they meet Banner’s deranged son, they realize they must escape the home or succumb to its madness.”

Monster Movie

CYST- June 17 (VOD)
“CYST is an old-school monster movie in which an enthusiastic plastic surgeon stops at nothing to patent his latest cyst-removal machine. In conclusion, CYST is an upcoming horror movie period piece that takes place in the 1960s directed by Tyler Russell.”

Abandoned- June 17 (Theatrical)
“Sara, her husband Alex , and their infant son move into a remote farmhouse, which harbors a dark, tragic history. Similarly, Emma Roberts, returning to the horror genre, delivers an under-the-radar gem for the genre”

The Watcher- June 21 (VOD)
“Julia and Francis move into a new apartment with a possible serial killer on the loose. Julia finds herself isolated in new surroundings, however, as she soon begins to panic. Above all, The Watcher received a limited theatrical release that goes wide on-demand on June 21.”

Upcoming Horror: Ethan Hawke

The Black Phone– June 24 (Theatrical)
“13-year-old Finney Shaw is abducted by a serial killer and trapped in a soundproof basement. After a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, however, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims. In conclusion, Ethan Hawke returns to team up with director Scott Derickkson in one of the year’s most anticipated films.”

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