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‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown Having Troubles With His In-Law?

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Sister Wives star Paedon Brown has been making headlines due to his recent livestreams. Apparently, Paedon has been sharing shocking information whenever he goes live. Fans also think that he loves spilling the tea and shading Kody Brown and Robyn Brown. It’s clear to see that Paedon is aware of Kody and Robyn’s unfair relationship. However, it seems that Paedon is not only struggling with his Kody and Robyn. During his recent live stream, Paedon revealed that he’s also having troubles with one of his in-laws.

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Having Troubles With His In-Law?

During his social media livestream, Sister Wives star Paedon Brown opened up about his relationship with his in-law, Tony Padron. According to Paedon, he doesn’t really have a good relationship with Tony. He made it clear that there’s no big issue between them. However, he later revealed that he just doesn’t really like him. Meanwhile, fans pointed out that Paedon and Kody Brown seem to have similar feelings when it comes to Tony. But some think that it’s nothing serious and the two will get along eventually.

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Paedon Opens Up About His Relationship With Mykelti

Despite not liking Tony Padron, Sister Wives star Paedon Brown made it clear that he’s still on good terms with Mykelti Brown Padron. He even said that he’s the closest to Mykelti compared to his siblings. Meanwhile, fans think that Paedon’s poor relationship with Tony is due to how far they live from each other. Aside from Padron and Mykelti, Paedon also opened up about his future plans. According to Paedon, he’s looking forward to a new job to live close to his mother, Christine Brown.

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Sister Wives: Paedon & Aurora’s Relationship

Sister Wives fans have been noticing Paedon Brown’s relationship with the woman on his livestream as well. Her name is Aurora Christian, and she’s been spending so much time with Paedon lately. At this point, Paedon has yet to share if there’s something going on between them. However, fans are happy if love will develop between the two. Fans are also hoping that Paedon will enter a relationship as it may help him move on from his never-ending shading towards his father.

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It’s clear to see that fans are still showing full support towards Paedon. However, some are hoping that he’ll limit his shady live streams and focus more on sharing wholesome updates about the plural family.

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