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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Spotted With His Dangerous Job AGAIN?

Sister Wives fans have been trying to find ways to get more updates about Kody Brown and his career outside the show. However, Kody and the plural family remain silent about it. Even during the show, Kody and the wives barely talk about their jobs. Kody was only known as a salesperson aside from being a TV personality. Until recently, fans found what might be the biggest hint about what he does behind the cameras.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Spotted With His Dangerous Job Again?

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to share a picture of Kody Brown selling guns in what seems to be a gun show. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time fans spotted Kody in such an event. At one point, fans also shared a picture of Kody talking to people where he appears to be selling guns as well. According to some, Kody’s recent photos add more fuel to the speculations that he’s selling guns. At this point, Kody has yet to confirm his dangerous business. However, fans are starting to believe that it’s one of his main ways of income outside of the show.

Sister Wives Kody Brown 1 Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Why Nobody Talks About It

Sister Wives fans also think that Kody Brown’s dangerous job is one of the main reasons why nobody wants to talk about it on the show. According to some, it’s possible that Kody asked his family to keep his business a secret. However, it seems that Kody won’t be able to hide it for long due to his TV popularity. Even Paedon Brown wants to remain silent when it comes to his father’s career despite his recent live streams where he spills tea about the family.

Sister Wives Kody Wives 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hustling More For The Coyote Pass Land?

Sister Wives fans also think that Kody Brown is hustling more to fund his Coyote Pass project. According to some, it’s been quite some time since Kody revealed his project. Due to this, he appears to be doubling his efforts to finally finish what he started. However, fans think that it’s going to take much more than selling guns if Kody wants to start building. There are also reports stating that Kody has been missing his property taxes, which is another roadblock to his dreams of building on his massive land.

Kody Wives 2 Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

At this point, Kody has yet to share if he’s indeed selling guns. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that the other wives will start to contribute to his project to finally start building.

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