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Upcoming Horror: 5 Scary Movies Releasing March 1-7

Robby Steven

As 2022 moves forward and heads into the month of March, the horror community has a lot to keep an eye on. Various horror films will be released on VOD and across several streaming platforms. Here is a list of five upcoming horror films that fans of the genre might want to take a look at this week.

Upcoming Horror:

Suicide Forest Village- March 1 (VOD)
“A group of friends unleash a curse after stumbling upon a mysterious box. To break the curse, they venture deep within Jukai Forest. It’s said that the land holds a grudge where once you enter, you can never come out.”

Playing off the real-life forest in Japan where many have committed suicide, the ‘Suicide Forest Village” continues with the mythology. Director Takashi Shimizu delivers a J-Horror film about a group of friends who reignite a curse that haunts them. Shimizu co-wrote the film and was the creator of the popular horror franchise ‘The Grudge,” so it should please many.

Hell is Empty- March 1 (VOD)
“A self-styled messiah initiates a lost soul into his cult of sister-wives on an Edenic island, upsetting the delicate balance of a utopian community fixated on sin and salvation. Combining edge-of-your-seat suspense with arthouse flair, the horror-thriller follows two teenage runaways who become increasingly suspicious of the cult leader’s absolutist vision.”

Writer-director Jo Shaffer’s ‘Hell is Empty’ tells the story of two teenage runaways who find themselves mixed up with potential horror. In this arthouse hybrid horror, the expected slow burn is potentially worth the payoff.

Shark attack

Beneath the Surface- March 1 (VOD)
“A young woman survives a great white shark attack on a family boating vacation but realizes the nightmare is far from over. Those around her can not be trusted, and she must face her demons if she is to step back in the water.”

Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews co-direct ‘Beneath the Surface,” a shark horror film from writer Paul W. Franklin. Releasing a shark film at the start of March is a curious decision, but there’s never a wrong time for underwater horror. Georgie Banks and Stephanie Lodge star in the film.

The Long Walk- March 1 (VOD)
“An old scavenger living on the fringes of a near-future society exploits a ghostly companion’s ability to traverse time, hoping to prevent his mother’s suffering from a terminal illness.

Time travel in film is always a curiosity, with some doing it better than others, especially in the horror genre. Director Mattie Do helps tell the time-travel story about a young boy preventing his mother from a deadly illness. “The Long Walk” mixes a horror element into the equation so genre fans might want to take a look.

Fresh- March 4 (Hulu)
“The horrors of modern dating are seen through one young woman’s defiant battle to survive her new boyfriend’s unusual appetites.”

Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier in the MCU) stars in this Hulu Original film that plays off the modern dating scene. ‘Fresh’ is a horror, thriller, comedy, and drama film, which could appeal to a wide range of fans.

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