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‘Counting On’: Fans Think Kendra Duggar Is Hiding Her Pregnancy

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Counting On star Kendra Duggar has been silent on social media lately. Kendra’s sudden silence also resulted in multiple speculations from the fans. At one point, fans thought that she and her husband, Joseph Duggar, stepped away from the Duggar family and remained silent for good. Some also speculated that Kendra and Joseph had a fight, resulting in their sudden online absence. However, the two shut down the rumors after their last post in 2021. However, it didn’t stop the fans from making theories about Kendra’s absence. According to some, pregnancy is one of the most possible reasons behind Kendra and Joseph’s silence.

Counting On: Fans Think Kendra Duggar Is Hiding Her Pregnancy

Counting On fans took Reddit to discuss the possibility that Kendra Duggar is hiding her pregnancy. According to some, it’s been quite some time since Kendra last announced her pregnancy and it’s quite hard to believe that she’s not having another baby yet. “I believe Praise’s birthday is today, but previously Kendra has been pregnant on her youngest child’s first birthday. Without an announcement, it seems that Kendra may be taking a break,” one person said. However, fans believe that she’s not taking a break. Instead, she’s just trying to hide it due to the recent controversies of the Duggar family. “I think she’s pregnant, just not announcing at the moment. There’s no way they’re taking a break. That option doesn’t exist for them,” another person added.

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Kendra & Joseph’s Last Post

Counting On star Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar’s last post was way back in November 2021. The couple’s post was also filled with positive comments and words of encouragement as the Duggars deal with so many problems. “Praying for healing and unity in your family,” one fan said. “Hugs to yall during this difficult time,” another fan added. However, Kendra and Joseph never interacted with the fans. Meanwhile, some think that they’ve been focusing on their kids lately, and stepping away from social media may have been a huge help for them.

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Counting On: Are They Still In Touch With The Duggars?

Counting On fans have spotted Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar during the recent family gatherings of the Duggar family. The two also look so happy spending their time with the Duggars, showing that they’re still in touch with them. Some also pointed out Kendra’s possible baby bump on the Duggar family’s recent gathering videos. However, nobody has mentioned that Kendra will have another child.

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At this point, Kendra and Joseph have yet to share updates about their family. Fans are also having a hard time figuring out if Kendra is pregnant. Are Kendra and Joseph leaving the online world for good?

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