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Jana & Stephen’s Courtship Put On Hold Due To Josh’s Arrest?

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Counting On star Jana Duggar recently went headlines after rumors claimed that she bonded with the Wissmann family. Apparently, Jana’s rumored courtship with Stephen Wissmann has been around for months. However, the two have yet to confirm if the rumors are true. However, fans think that Josh Duggar’s recent arrest has something to do with the sudden silence between Jana and Stephen.

Counting On: Josh Duggar’s Arrest Affected Jana & Stephen’s Courtship?

Counting On star Jana Duggar has been making headlines due to her rumored courtship with a pilot named Stephen Wissmann. Despite not confirming, fans have seen several instances suggesting that the two are seeing each other. However, there are speculations stating that Josh Duggar’s ongoing child porn case might be one of the main reasons why Jana hasn’t confirmed her relationship with Stephen. According to reports, Jim Bob Duggar might announce Jana’s courtship with Stephen around July, which is the same month of Josh’s trial.

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At this point, the disgraced son of Jim Bob is currently living in the Reber family’s property. Meanwhile, reports claimed that the Rebers called 911 as they no longer feel safe after a trespasser kept going back to their property. Due to this, Jim Bob decided to build fences around Josh for better security.

Fans Think Jana Spent The Day With The Wissmann Family

Counting On fans claimed that Jana recently bonded with the Wissmann family. Apparently, it all started when the Wissmann family shared a picture seemingly showing the back of Jana. Fans also noticed that the person really looked like Jana due to her hairstyle. Aside from that, fans also claimed that they heard Jana’s name being called in one of the Wissmann family’s previous clips from their family bonding. At this point, Jana has yet to reveal if she’s been spending time with the Wissmann family lately. Her last social media post was about regrowing her garden.

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Counting On: Fans Are Expecting A Surprise Wedding

Counting On fans have been making speculations that Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann are planning to pull off a surprise wedding. Apparently, there’s been a couple of surprise weddings in the Duggar family this year. One of which is Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu’s wedding. According to reports, family members and friends were surprised about Jed and Katey’s sudden wedding. Aside from that, Justin Duggar and pulled off a surprise wedding after tying the knot with Claire Spivey in February, a few months earlier than their expected April wedding.

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