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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Criticized For Manipulative Behavior?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown often gets the sympathy of many viewers. However, some think that she’s not always the victim. Apparently, others think that Meri also has a bad side of her own, and she’s been doing it for quite a while. It’s widely known that Meri and Kody Brown have been struggling with their relationship. However, some fans think that it’s not always Kody’s fault. Fans also think that there are times where Meri is the perpetrator of the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Being Manipulative?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit discussed their disappointment towards Meri Brown. Apparently, they’re upset that not a lot of fans see Meri’s manipulative side. According to a fan, when the family is arguing about Meri’s bed and breakfast business in Utah, they noticed that Meri suddenly switched her stance then tried to lie to make it look like that’s what she’s been trying to say. “She is just so manipulative. Like in the Parowan house situation, she’s using the pretense of family nostalgia to make a financially irresponsible decision.”, the fan added.

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Some fans also agreed and said that Meri also has a selfish side. However, they think that it’s due to her being stuck in a polygamous life for 30 years. “She has been with a Con man, a [charlatan] for 30 years so guess something rubbed off”, one fan said. Some also think that Meri became that way due to Kody’s poor treatment towards his wives and children.

Fans Defended Meri

While some fans criticized Sister Wives star Meri Brown, others defender her and said that it wasn’t her fault at all. According to some, Meri’s poor communication with the family was caused by Kody Brown and the other wives. Apparently, the family has been trying to change her way of operating her bed and breakfast business. Some fans think that it’s not a good idea to ask Meri to change some things in her business, especially that the family did not contribute anything in the first place. “Since she paid for everything out of her own pocket and the family did not contribute, she can do what she wants with it.”, one fan said.

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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Can’t Take It Anymore

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is one of the most stressed wives of Kody Brown throughout the season finale. Apparently, Christine wanted to move back to Utah. However, nobody agreed with her proposal. Christine also thinks that her opinions don’t matter in the family anymore. Due to this, she decided to travel to Utah to visit her daughter, Aspyn Brown. Fans are also happy that Christine traveled to Utah without Kody and the other wives in order to enjoy her life away from the stressful Flagstaff.

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