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‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Robyn Brown Want To Have More Kids?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is often dubbed as the “favorite wife” of Kody Brown. Fans also believe that Robyn is one of the main reasons why some of Kody’s wives are getting jealous. Now, Robyn is making headlines once again after seemingly having an interest in having more kids with Kody. Meanwhile, Kody thinks that he’s caught in a conundrum in deciding whether he wants to have another kid with his fourth wife. Aside from that, Robyn also shared how stressed she is about taking care of her young daughter Ariella.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Wants To Have More Kids With Kody

During the sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown had a short discussion with Robyn Brown about their plans of having another kid. During their discussion, Kody said that he’s caught in a conundrum. “You know, this is what I’ve always done, this is what I’ve always been. I’ve always been fathering and having special experiences with little people,” he added. At this point, Kody has a combined 18 children from his four wives. Ariella is currently his youngest daughter, whom he has with Robyn.

After that, Robyn sat down in her confessional and revealed that she’s still interested in having more kids. According to Robyn, she would love to have kids as many as she’s supposed to have. “It is, it’s a big deal to me. To make sure, to make sure all my babies are here with me. That’s all,” Robyn added. However, it appears that having a baby now is not a good idea for the two, especially during their Covid-19 struggles.

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Robyn Says Her Daughter Ariella Is A “Night Owl”

During the teaser, Sister Wives star Robyn Brown revealed that her daughter Ariella has become a “Night Owl.” According to Robyn, Ariella doesn’t like bedtime and she’s very active at night. Kody Brown agreed and said during his confessional that he’s having a hard time keeping his head from wobbling.

“Ariella’s jumping on the couch trying to find out how high she can go,” Kody added. After that, Kody said that they don’t have a choice but to deal with it. “You’re arguing with a 4-year-old who has the words of a 10-year-old and the logic of an idiot,” he added.

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Sister Wives: Kody Doesn’t Seem Interested In Having More Kids

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t seem to show any interest in having more kids with Robyn Brown. According to Kody, he and Robyn Brown are still struggling to take care of Ariella, and adding another one would make things harder.

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After that, Robyn told Kody, “It started to get better when she was weened and stuff.” However, Kody answered with, “No, it’s not better.” It appears that the two are not on the same page about making a new baby. However, Robyn insisted that she’s still not done with having kids. Meanwhile, there are rumors stating that Kody is more interested in having a fifth wife than focus on having more kids.

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