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WWE Smackdown 3/5: Rating and Ranking Every Match

With the WWE Fastlane PPV just two weeks away, WWE Smackdown is in full gear on its Road to Wrestlemania. The main event for Friday Night Smackdown is scheduled between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso in a cage match. If Bryan wins, he challenges Roman Reigns for the Universal Title at Fastlane.

Each match on WWE Smackdown will be given a brief review and analysis. Then each match will be given a rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

6) Dominik Mysterio d. Chad Gable
Fun match as Chad Gamble is able to use his experience to get an advantage over the younger Dominick Mysterio. Dominik is able to sneak away with a win after a quick roll-up. After the match, Rey Mysterio connects with a senton off the apron onto Otis.

Match Analysis: Short match on WWE Smackdown as it moves along the feud between both sides. Nothing bad, but you can Take a Pass. *1/5

WWE Smackdown: End of Days

5) King Corbin d. Montez Ford
Montez Ford quickly uses his speed to avoid King Corbin before he’s caught in a spinebuster for a two-count. Corbin attempts a backdrop but it’s countered by Ford into a DDT. A standing moonsault by Ford gets a two-count. Corbin gets back up and hits the End of Days for the win.

Match Analysis: A short match that was abbreviated to split the time between the Street Profits/Zayn & Corbin feud. Take a Pass. *1/2

WWE Smackdown: Women’s action

4) Bianca Belair d. Shayna Baszler
Bianca Belair attempts a bodyslam to start off before Shayna Baszler counters into a headlock. Belair uses her athleticism with a backflip and dropkick before rolling up Baszler for a two-count. Baszler works over Belair with a ground attack until Belair is able to make her comeback. Baszler throws Belair out of the ring as Nia Jax and Reginald get involved until Sasha Banks gets in the middle of the action. Back in the ring, Belair hits the Kiss of Death for the win on WWE Smackdown.

Match Analysis: Decent match that moves the tag team title feud towards WWE Fastlane. It’ll be interesting to see where they go heading into Wrestlemania with Banks and Belair. Skim It. **

Sami’s conspiracy

3) Angelo Dawkins d. Sami Zayn
Angelo Dawkins starts off by overwhelming Sami Zayn with his offense. A drop-down/lep drog spot ends with a sweet dropkick from Dawkin’s to Zayn’s face. The action spill to the outside as Zayne gets the match under the control. Back in the ring and Zayne doubles down on his attack. Dawkins makes his comeback with a pair of corner closelines and a bulldog for a two-count. Dawkins gets another two-count with The Silencer, a double-underhook spinning suplex. Zayn is able to hit an Exploder into the turnbuckle but is then distracted by his documentary crew filming on the outside leading to Dawkins getting the win with a quick roll-up.

Match Analysis: A better showing on this half of the segment. I’m not sure where they are going with this feud but it’s getting interesting. Skim It. **

WWE Smackdown: Cesaro’s message

2) Cesaro d. Murphy
Finally, Murphy is back on TV and Seth Rollins joins the commentary team. Quick start as Cesaro hits two gut-wrench suplexes onto Murphy before nailing a backbreaker for a two-count. Cesaro is tossed outside as Murphy hits a flipping splash from the ring to the outside. Back inside and Murphy goes up top and lands a double knee drop. Murphy attempts another top rope attack but is met with a European uppercut. Multiple corner uppercuts by Cesaro turns into a big boot to floor Murphy. A Big Swing by Cesaro before getting the win with the Sharpshooter.

Match Analysis: Another short match but it was fun from start to finish. WWE needs to use Murphy more and should move him over to NXT where he can get some more burn. Skim It. **1/2

Main Event

1) Steel Cage Match: Daniel Bryan d. Jey Uso
If Daniel Bryan wins, he gets a shot at Roman Reigns and the Universal Title at WWE Fastlane. Roman Reigns sits at ringside to observe the action. The match starts off quickly as Jey Uso slams Bryan into the steel cage. With Byran caught between the cage and the ropes, Uso pushes his face into the steel. Both men climb the cage and fight on the top rope. Uso crotches Bryan as he regains control. Bryan makes a comeback and slams Uso into the cage before connecting on a top rope dropkick. Bryan backflips over Uso and heads back to climb the cage but is crotched again.

Both men scale the cage again as Jey Uso hits a Samoan Drop from the top rope as we go to commercial. Back from the break as Uso and Bryan are once again on top of the cage as they scale down before Bryan unloads with multiple Yes Kicks. Uso is able to knock Bryan off the cage and get a two-count after a top rope splash. A superkick by Uso gets another two before Bryan gets a two count of his own with a crucifix roll-up.

WWE Smackdown: Steel Cage

Jey Uso then slingshots Daniel Bryan into the cage as each man grasps for air. Bryan gets halfway over the cage but is pulled back over. Uso is slammed into the cage from the top rope who takes him down with a butterfly suplex. The Yes Lock from Bryan ends it much to the dismay of Roman Reigns.

Match Analysis: Yeah, this match was some good stuff from two guys who can go in the ring. Roman Reign’s reaction to close the show as Daniel Bryan does the “Yes” pose on top of the cage was a great ending. Worth a Watch. ***3/4

Robby Steven

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