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WWE Raw 2/22: Rating and Ranking Every Match

Only 24 hours after the WWE Elimination Chamber, WWE Raw kicked off a new Road to Wrestlemania. After The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and won the WWE Title, all eyes turned to the new champion.

Each match at WWE Raw will be given a brief review and analysis. Then each match will be given a rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

9) Naomi & Lana defeated Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke
Less than two minutes of action gives Naomi & Lana the quick victory after a facebuster on Mandy Rose.

Match Analysis: Looks like they are rushing to the end of WWE Raw. This segment should’ve been canceled instead of being put together like this. Can’t rate a match at under two minutes but Take a Pass. No Rating.

WWE Raw: Implosion

8) The New Day defeated Retribution (Mace & T-Bar)
After a brief advantage by The New Day, Mace connects with a big boot to Kofi Kingston before T-Bar enters and hits a side suplex. Retribution connect with a double sit-out suplex onto Kingston as Mustafa Ali calls for them to do it again. Retribution fail to do it a second time as Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on T-Bar for the win. After the match, Ali rips into each member.

Match Analysis: Retribution as a group has run its course as it seems like a break-up is inevitable. The match was used as a transition to tease the breakup. Take a Pass. *

Teasing a breakup

7) Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka
Chain wrestling exchange between Asuka and Shayna Baszler starts the match before Charlotte is tagged in. Nia Jax gets the tag as she locks up with Charlotte who responded with chops and forearms. Baszler runs in but is tossed out as Charlotte and Asuka hit a double dropkick on Jax before a commercial break.

Back from the break on WWE Raw as the champion double team Asuka before a hot tag to Charlotte. Brief offense by Charollte before Baszler and Jax attempt a double team suplex. Charlotte reverses and tosses Baszler out fo the ring but is caught in a powerbomb by Jax. Charlotte goes for her comeback with an awkward sunset flip on Jax and then locks in the figure four to Baszler. Asuka is accidentally hit with a big boot by Charlotte before Jax finishes with a leg drop. Asuka seems to be getting fed up with Charlotte.

Match Analysis: It was fine for what it was, but many matches in the women’s division just seem off lately. A half-step slow, poorly choreographed, and sloppy. Rough stuff. Take a pass. *1/2

WWE Raw: Tornado Tag Team Match

6) The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander) defeated Lucha House Party
Big brawl to start as The Hurt Business use their power and size to their advantage. Several minutes go by and The Hurt Business beat down the LHP with multiple double team moves. Out of nowhere, LHP makes their comeback and hit a headscissors and top rope splash on Shelton Benjamin. Lindrado hits a frankensteiner from the top rope on Aleanxder but Benjamin rushes in and hits the Pay Dirt for the win.

Match Analysis: For a Tornado match, this was actually boring. The Hurt Business beat down Lucha House Party but did it slow and methodically. LHP’s offense was brief and before you could blink the match was over. Take a Pass. *1/2

WWE Raw: Power of Omos

5) AJ Styles defeated Ricochet
Ricochet with a quick dropkick to start on AJ Styles. Styles quickly comes back with a backbreaker and a suplex into the turnbuckle. Ricochet then gets Styles into the corner but is chopped in the throat as he goes back to the defensive. Styles with a drop suplex across the rope into Ricochet who then bounce back with a hurricanrana followed by a hardway suplex. Ricochet attempts a 450 but lands on his feet before Styles connects with a knee and a Styles Clash for the win. After the match, Omos lays out Ricochet on WWE Raw.

Match Analysis: Decent match but they must have been rushed as well because there were multiple sloppy botches. Skim It. **

Bad Bunny in the house

4) Damon Preist defeated Angel Garza
Angel Garza continues to be on loan from WWE Main Event. Damon Priest starts out like a house of fire until Garza is able to get on the offense. A camel clutch is used used by Garza until Priest is able to power out and hit a Broken Arrow for a two count. Garza surprisingly gets back on offense and closelines Priest over the top rope before taunting Bad Bunny at ringside. Bunny distracts Garza before Preist lands Hit the Lights for the win. Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak rush the ring to challenge for Bunny’s 24/7 title but are taken care of by Preist and Bunny.

Match Analysis: It was surprising to see Damon Preist be on the defensive as much as he was with someone like Angel Garza. Decent match all things considered by it’s an odd choice to have Preist need Bad Bunny’s help to get the win. Skim It. **

Elimination Chamber fallout

3) Sheamus defeats Jeff Hardy
Sheamus charges Jeff Hardy and maintains his offense despite a brief flurry. The action spills to the outside as Hardy launches off the steps into Sheamus as we go to a commercial. Back from the break and Sheamus gets the better of Hardy with multiple Irish Curse backbreakers. Hardy makes his comeback with Whisper in the Wind and a second rope splash for a two-count. Running knee and a Brogue Kick by Sheamus finishes it off.

Match Analysis: The match was solid but it felt like filler. Sheamus and Jeff Hardy both seem to be stuck in limbo. Skim It. **1/2

Era of the Almighty

2) Bobby Lashley defeated Braun Strowman
Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman lock up as The Miz joins in on commentary. Strowman launches Lashley over the top rope and heads outside. Strowman rams into the steel steps after Lashley avoids the charge as they head back inside. Flatliner by Lashey that gets a close two-count. Lashley attempts a full nelson and suplex but is pushed off by Strowman. Strowman hits a powerslam for a two-count to the shock of everyone. Spinebuster and a spear by Lashley finishes off Strowman. After the match, Lashley hits the spinebuster on The Miz.

Match Analysis: This was actually pretty fun to help solidify that Bobby Lashley is a legit beast. Braun Strowman, on the other hand, has officially jumped the shark as a character. Bring on the Era of the Almighty. Skim it. **1/2

WWE Raw: US Title Challenge

1) Riddle defeated John Morrison
Quick start as Riddle catches John Morrison in an armbar. Morrison attempts several kicks which are countered by Riddle, including a gut-wrench suplex that gets two. A poke in the eye by Morrison leads to a modified Dragon Sleeper. The action heads to the outside as Morrison connected with an awkward-looking corkscrew plancha. A strike exchange on the apron leads into an apron fisherman’s buster by Riddle as we head to a commercial break.

Alabama Slam from John Morrison gets a two count as we return from the commercial break. Riddle makes his comeback with a kick and an Exploder Suplex. Outside the ring, Riddle connects with a Floating Broas we head back into the ring. Riddle goes to the second rope but Morrison rushes and nails a Spanish Fly. Riddle goes for the Bro-2-Sleep but Morrison is able to avoid it and hit a superkick/knee combo. Morrison gets caught on the top rope by Riddle who hits the Bro Derek for the win.

Match Analysis: This was a fun opener for WWE Raw as Riddle gets a solid win fresh off of winning the US Title. John Morrison seemed extra motivated and had his working boots on tonight. Worth a Watch. ***1/4

Robby Steven

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