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IMPACT Wrestling 2/16: Rating and Ranking Every Match

IMPACT Wrestling is moving forward following the impressive outing at last Sunday’s No Surrender event. Multiple matches have been announcing including an X-Divison Title Match. Josh Alexander will challenge champion TJP. A 4-way X-Divison match is also on tap, as well as an appearance from NJPW. Each IMPACT Wrestling match will be analyzed and rated before being ranked from worst to best.

Ranked from Worst to Best

6) Matt Cardona defeated Hernandez w/ Brian Myers
Hernandez uses his power to get the early advantage before the action goes to the floor. Matt Cardona is able to hit a flipping senton to the floor before getting into the face of Brian Myers. Back in Hernandez sneaks in a knee as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Hernandez has a bearhug locked in until Matt Cardona breaks free and hits a dropkick. Running closeline into the corner are countered by Hernandez with a shoulder block. Cardona makes his comeback and hits Radio Silence for the win. After the match, Myers and Hernandez attack Cardona before Eddie Edwards makes the save.

Match Analysis: Decent IMPACT Wrestling match to keep the Cardona/Myers feud moving forward. Skim It. **

NJPW Invasion

5) FinJuice (David Finely & Juice Robinson) defeated Reno Scum
IMPACT Wrestling gets their first visit from NJPW as David Finley and Juice Robinson make their debut. Reno Scum haven’t done much lately and I don’t expect that to change tonight. FinJuice uses quick tags and double team moves to get the early advantage until a Luster the Legend spinebuster changes the pace. Reno Scum work with a double team until a hot tag is made to Juice Robinson. Robinson closelines Luster out of the ring before FinJuice hits the PowerPlex for the win. After the match, The Good Brothers come out to introduce themselves to FinJuice.

Match Analysis: Short and sweet debut for FinJuice. Action from start to finish and the perfect way to introduce them to the IMPACT Wrestling audience. Skim It. **1/4

IMPACT Wrestling: Knockouts

4) Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K defeats Nevaeh
Nevaeh uses her power to get control early on. Nevaeh tosses Tenille Dashwood to the outside as we go to a commercial break. Back from commercial and Dashwood has gained the advantage. A 2 count from Dashwood after a suplex. Dashwood continues her attack on Nevaeh with boots in the corner. Nevaeh makes her comeback with several trikes and an STO. Dashwood then returns the favor, hitting Taste of Tenille in the corner before finishing it off with a running boot.

Match Analysis: Solid effort by both women as the Dashwood push moves into the next gear. Skim It. **1/4

Old School Rules

3) Moose defeats Tommy Dreamer
Old School Rules is basically just an IMPACT Wrestling hardcore match. Tommy Dreamers baits Moose into a charge as he pulls the ropes down sending the match to the outside. Moose tosses Dreamer into the ring post as Dreamer shakes it off as the weapons come out before a commercial break. Back from the break and Moose is choking Dreamer with a chair.

Moose brings the action into the ring as Tommy Dreamer finally makes a comeback. Dreamer hits a cutter for a two-count before hitting him with a garbage can lid. Moose regains the offense and sets up a table. Dreamer out of nowhere with a spear through the table and then multiple shots with the kendo stick. Moose gets up, hits his own spear and gets the win.

Match Analysis: Another solid match on IMPACT Wrestling. If you are a fan of hardcore matches then you’ll have some fun with this. Nothing new but still a good time as it gives a reason to give Tommy Dreamer some much-deserved time off. Worth a Watch. ***

IMPACT Wrestling: Fast-paced Action

2) Trey Miguel defeated Willie Mack vs Daivari vs Suicide
Big brawl to start as Trey Miguel and Suicide hit a double dropkick on Daivari. Acrobatic exchange between Miguel and Suicide leads to a double team attempt on Willie Mack. Mack is able to counter and take both men down with a shoulder block. The action moves to the outside but Daivari pushes Suicide off the top rope for a two count.

Willie Mack hits a sit-out powerbomb on Daivari and then catches Suicide into a Samoan Drop. Samoan Drop on Trey Miguel gets a close two count. Daivari hits a missile dropkick on Mack as Miguel follows with a double knee attack on Suicide for the win.

Match Analysis: As expected, another fun and exciting X-Divison match. When going into a match like this, just turn off the brain and enjoy the action. It’s comparable to a Fast and Furious movie. Some of the action might seem a bit over the top, but enjoy the entertainment and don’t overthink it. Worth a Watch ***

X-Divison Title Match

1) TJP defeated “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander became the #1 contender after winning the Triple Threat Revolver match at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender. Chain wrestling to start with TJP surprisingly holding his own. TJP attempts a headscissors but Alexander counters with a backbreaker. Back to the ground for more chain wrestling before an ankle attempt by Alexander fails. The action goes to the outside as TJP hits a dropkick to the floor. Back in the ring and TJP connects with a crossbody and a running boot.

Tornado DDT by TJP gets a two count. Josh Alexander goes on the offense and attempts a flying attack but it backfires after a dropkick from TJP. Alexander goes for a top rope suplex by he’s knocked to the middle of the ring. TJP misses a Mamba Splash after Alexander gets his knees up and locks in an ankle lock. After a comeback, TJP gets the win after a Mamba Splash.

Match Analysis: Good IMPACT Wrestling match between these two but it did feel like they were holding back a bit. The match never got to the next level but I assume we’ll get a rematch. TJP is very talented and has name value that he also competes with NJPW American affiliate. Josh Alexander has a lot of potential but pulling the trigger this early would’ve been jumping the gun. Worth a Watch. ***1/2

Robby Steven

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