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WWE 205 Live 1/29: Results and Match Ratings

WWE 205 Live followed Friday Night Smackdown as the Dusty Classic continued inside the Capitol Wrestling Center. In addition to tag competition, a big-time triple threat match also took place on the WWE Network.

Triple Threat Match

Ariya Daivari defeats Jake Atlas & August Grey
Jake Atlas and August Grey were originally scheduled to face off for the first time ever in a singles match. While that was the plan, Ariya Daivari made his case to be included in the match and was able to pull a few strings. The WWE 205 Live opening match kicks off with Daivari finding himself on the outside of the ring. Grey follows with a dive to the outside. Grey makes his way back into the ring to fight it out with Atlas before Daivari attempts a dive of his own but misses and eats the canvas.

Jack Atlas brings August Grey into the corner to deliver hard chops and kicks. Atlas’ offense is short-lived after Daivari hits a superkick and throws Grey off the top rope. Daivari is able to take control of the match as he knocks Atlas to the outside and put a reverse chin lock on Grey. Atlas breaks up the submission but Daivari still keeps the offense on both men.

WWE: The Action Continues

The action then picks up as all three men used a wide variety of offense to get the advantage. Daivari attempted a powerbomb on Atlas but it was broken up by August Grey. Atlas was able to hit a brainbuster on Grey before nailing Daivari with a suicide dive. Grey then gets up and launches himself on Daivari. Atlas then hit a picture-perfect cartwheel DDT from the top on Grey but it was broken up by Daivari. The match came to a close after Daivari nailed the hammerlock lariat on Grey for the 3 count.

Match Analysis: All action. That’s what you want and that’s what you got with this Triple Threat match. Each man was able to shine with Ariya Daivari getting the last laugh. Turn on the WWE Network and check this match out ASAP. Must-Watch ***3/4

WWE: Royal Rumble preview

The WWE Royal Rumble commercial plays before a reminder that WWE Backstage will return for a special on the PPV.

A replay of the interview with Curt Stallion from NXT was shown. Stallion was preparing for his Cruiserweight Tite Match but was attacked prior to the match. William Regal confronts Santos Escobar and informs him that he will defend his title against Stallion.

Dusty Rhodes Classic

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart defeated Marina Shafir & Zoey Stark

Shotzi Blackheart and Zoey Stark start the match off with Stark easily showing off her power advantage. Ember Moon is then tagged in but with Blackheart use a double dropkick on Stark. Marina Shafir tags in and uses her judo background to get Moon for a 2-count. The action heats up quick with Stark and Shafir delivering several double team moves on Blackheart.

Marina Shafir goes back to her judo background and then applies several submission holds before a pump-handle suplex. Stark finds herself in the find and connects with the Go To Stark knee but it only gets a two. Blackheart then finds light at the end of the tunnel and makes the hot tag to Moon. Moon is a house of fire as she lands several close lines and a double under-hook suplex on Stark. As Blackheart and Shafir battle on the outside, Moon locks in a STF-leg-lock hybrid submission for the win on WWE 205 Live.

Match Analysis: Another solid match from the WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Both teams were game and there was no slow spots. Marina Shafir & Zoey Stark have potential, and Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart could go deep in the tournament. Worth-a-Watch. ***1/2

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