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Jenny Slatten Shares Concerning Update On Marriage To Sumit

90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten has been living with Sumit Singh in India for months on a tourist visa. She’s been having difficulties being accepted by Sumit’s parents. Apparently, Jenny is currently in her 60s while Sumit is only in his 30s. Jenny has been judged by many due to her age gap with Sumit. However, she believes that age doesn’t really matter. Now, Jenny shared an update during 90 Day Bares All regarding her marriage plans with Sumit. It appears that Sumit himself is also having a hard time deciding whether to marry Jenny. Jenny also revealed that she’s running out of time in India and they need to get married as soon as possible.

Jenny Says They Need To Get Married Fast

American TV host Shaun Robinson asked several questions on 90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten during 90 Day Bares All. The first question that Shaun asked was about Jenny’s visa status. According to Jenny, she applies for a visa extension every month. However, she knows that her visa can expire and her extension can be denied. Jenny said that she’ll be forced to leave India at that point. After that, Shaun told Jenny that one of the ways she can stay longer in India is if she marries Sumit. Jenny agreed with Shaun’s advice. However, she said that Sumit doesn’t want to be separated from his family. Sumit looked at Jenny awkwardly for a few seconds after her statements, which seems to tell her that she should avoid the topic.

Sumit Singh Jenny Slatten Sahna Anil Instagram
Sumit Singh Jenny Slatten / Sahna Anil Instagram

Sumit’s Parents Continue To Object On Their Marriage

After revealing that they need to get married fast, 90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten faced Sumit Singh’s parents once again. During the interview, Sumit’s father Anil said, “Jenny is a very good lady. But, she will turn 75 in the next 10-11 years, and Sumit will have to take care of her.” Jenny tried to correct Anil’s statements regarding her age. However, she was snubbed by Anil and told her, “who will take care of my son? I’m worried about it.”

Jenny Sumit Instagram
Jenny Sumit Instagram

Fans also reacted to Jenny and Anil’s heated exchanges. One fan commented, “Not how you talk back to people you wanna call your in-laws someday, maybe they’d overlook her age if she was more respectful.” Another fan also said, “Jenny go home… he doesn’t want to marry you.”

Sumit Singh & Jenny Slatten Can’t Be Separated

Despite all the criticisms, 90 Day Fiance stars Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh are still trying their best to save their relationship. The two previously went headlines after sharing a picture of them celebrating Christmas. Fans are impressed by how the two are dedicated to their love for each other. Jenny and Sumit have been spending their time traveling as well. At this point, the two are still struggling with their marriage plans. However, they’re already living together in India.

Sumit Jenny Instagram
Sumit Jenny Instagram

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