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NBA: Boston Celtics Sign Jeff Teague And Tristan Thompson – Lakers Having Starting Lineup Issues?

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The Boston Celtics recently made headlines after trading Gordon Hayward to the Charlotte Hornets for a conditional future second-round draft pick. The Celtics have been making big moves as they look forward to a successful playoff run next season. The Celtics recently signed two key players that can help them push forward next season. Aside from that, there are rumors suggesting that they’re also looking to trade one of their superstars to the Utah Jazz.

Aside from the Celtics’ new rosters, their rival team, the Los Angeles Lakers, recently signed Dennis Schroder. However, the Lakers seem to face lineup problems as Schroder demands to be a part of the starting lineup.

NBA: Boston Celtics Acquired Jeff Teague And Tristan Thompson

The Boston Celtics faced a devastating loss against the Miami Heat during the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals. Fans expected the return of the Lakers and Celtics rivalry. However, the Heat led by Jimmy Butler delivered one of their most disappointing playoff runs.

Now, the Celtics are looking to build a better roster to reach the finals next season. They signed Jeff Teague who averaged 10.9 points per game along with 5.2 assists per game. Jeff Teague is a 32-year-old point guard who can facilitate the ball well, which will be a good help for Jayson Tatum.

The Celtics also signed Tristan Thompson, who’s considered as one of the most efficient rebounders in the game. With the two veterans signing with the Celtics, fans can expect big improvements to the team next season.

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Boston Celtics Looking To Trade Kemba Walker To Utah Jazz

Kemba Walker and his lingering knee injury have been one of the biggest problems of the Boston Celtics. According to Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, their focus to keep Kemba healthy. It’s no secret that Kemba had two back-to-back surgeries in 2015 and 2016. This might affect the Celtics if they plan to keep him on the team. Due to this, NBA analysts suggested that the Celtics should look into trading Kemba as early as possible. One of his best landing spots would be the Utah Jazz.

Apparently, the Jazz are building their team around Donovan Mitchell, who recently signed a massive contract extension. Pairing him with Kemba would create a dangerous duo. However, the Jazz will have to send Mike Conley to the Celtics as part of the trade. Conley would be a great addition to the Celtics. He has a career average of 14.9 points per game and 5.6 assists per game, making him a good all-around point guard.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers Facing Lineup Problems

The Los Angeles Lakers recently signed Dennis Schroder from the Oklahoma City Thunder. With Rajon Rondo’s departure, Schroder will have the chance to be the Lakers’ playmaker. There are also reports that Schroder demanded the Lakers to put him in the starting lineup. However, NBA analysts believe that it may alter the championship formula of the team, especially since LeBron James also plays as a point guard. Due to this, the Lakers might reconsider putting Schroder in the starting lineup.

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