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’90 Day Fiance’: Jon And Rachel Update – Lucy’s Huge Changes

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90 Day Fiance star Rachel and Jon Walters are one of those couples who are currently in a long-distance relationship. Their patience has been tested multiple times. Rachel’s daughter, Lucy, has been featured during their season in 90 Day Fiance. During those times, Lucy was a toddler. But now, Lucy is almost unrecognizable in the latest social media post by Rachel.

90 Day Fiance: Rachel’s Daughter Has Grown A Lot

In a social media post, Rachel Walters shared a video of her daughter, Lucy, singing along with her laptop. The music being played is an educational number counting song. Rachel can also be seen doing her office work while singing along with her daughter. In the video post, Lucy’s growth is very noticeable. She previously celebrated her third birthday back in April 2020. Fans are surprised at how much Lucy has grown and changed from then and now. The one thing that stayed the same on little Lucy is her gorgeous big brown eyes.

90 Day Fiance Rachel Walters Lucy

Jon Shares His Thoughts On Having Another Baby

90 Day Fiance star Jon Walters recently answered some fan questions on his social media account. One of those was about his plans for having another baby. Jon answers with a no and said that they’re just going to enjoy the family that they have now.

90 Day Fiance Jon Walters QnA

Jon was also asked if people tell him that Lucy looks just like him? According to Jon, Lucy looks more like her bigger sister and her mother. It’s no secret that there have been speculations previously that Jon was the biological father of Lucy, especially when a rumor surfaced that Jon and Rachel have already met and dated before being cast in 90 Day Fiance. Jon and Rachel squashed the rumor and have moved on.

90 Day Fiance: Jon’s Spousal Visa Updates

At this point in time, 90 Day Fiance star Jon Walters is still in the U.K. However, Rachel Walters previously confirmed that Jon’s spousal visa is no longer in jeopardy. It is because Rachel finally became a suitable sponsor and met all of the requirements. The couple also confirmed that most of the paperwork is already done. Jon and Rachel also hinted at a possible comeback to the TLC franchise.

90 Day Fiance Jon Walters Rachel Walters Lucy

Currently, Jon is still waiting for his spousal visa to be released. He’s spending his time on social media sharing his amazing vocals. Rachel has been taking good care of her kids back in the U.S while also working from home.

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