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’90 Day Fiance’: Abby St. Germain’s Husband Cancer Update And Loss of Bestfriend

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90 Day Fiance star Louis Dubell has been fighting cancer over the past few months. He was diagnosed months after his marriage with Abby St. Germain back in March 2020. Since then, Abby has been putting all her efforts into taking good care of her husband. She previously took him to brunch at their local park. Recently, Louis shares his current status in his fight against this awful disease. Louis also shares the recent loss of his best friend of 21 years.

90 Day Fiance: Louis Shares Exciting News

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star Louis Dubell shares a quick update on his condition. According to Louis, he had a scan last Monday and the tumor on his lung is practically gone. It’s just a scar tissue now, Louis added. Aside from that, Louis told the fans that the lymph node on his stomach is returning to normal, which is a very good sign of recovery.

90 Day Fiance Louis Dubell Update

Furthermore, Louis said that his doctor will scan him again after 4 weeks. If the findings are good and his lymph node has fully shrunk, then he will no longer need another operation. Otherwise, he’s going to undergo surgery in order to remove it.

90 Day Fiance: Abby And Louis Remains Strong Amid Cancer Battle

90 Day Fiance stars Louis Dubell and Abby St. Germain has been supporting each other. Abby often shares updates on the current status of her husband online. However, she previously opened up about her own fight, adding to what has been a bitter year for the couple. According to Abby, she had an eye test due to her vision becoming too blurry. It’s been happening to her a lot recently as well as headaches. Furthermore, Abby told the fans that she’s now wearing glasses.

90 Day Fiance Abby St Germain Louis Dubell Pic

Abby didn’t reveal any information about the findings on her eyes constantly getting blurry while experiencing headaches at the same time. However, there are speculations saying that it’s because of stress. It’s no secret that Abby and Louis are reportedly having a hard time financially, especially with Louis’ expensive bills for his cancer treatment.

Louis Loses His Bestfriend

While fighting against cancer, 90 Day Fiance star Louis Dubell shares more sad news. According to Louis, his dog named Murphy just died. What’s sadder is that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his best friend due to him being confined in a hospital.



Murphy has been with them for 21 years, Louis added. Fans are amazed at how long his dog lived. It’s clear to see that Louis is a pet lover. He previously shared a photo of him resting on a couch while hugging a cat.

At this point in time, fans can only hope for Louis’s fast and full recovery.

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