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’90 Day Fiance’: Exciting News Update For Amy And Danny Frishmuth – Season 2

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90 Day Fiance season 2 couple Amy Frishmuth and Danny Frishmuth didn’t take a lot of time when it comes to falling in love with each other. However, Danny’s parents especially his father, took some time on accepting Amy to be his son’s wife. In one of their episodes, Danny was told by his brothers that its fine to back out from his relationship with Amy, seemingly showing their doubts about her. However, it didn’t stop Danny from marrying his soul mate.

After their marriage, fans may be wondering about their current status. It’s been a few years since they have seen on television. Here are some of the latest updates on Amy and Danny.

90 Day Fiance: Amy And Danny’s Rough Start

90 Day Fiance star Amy Frishmuth once struggled on getting accepted by Danny Frishmuth’s father, Charles. It’s no secret that Amy came from South Africa while Danny is from Norristown, PA. Fans think that Danny’s father was a little old-fashioned when it came to interracial marriage, which could be the reason for his doubts for Amy. But happily, Amy won him over with her very kind and good demeanor.

90 Day Fiance Danny Frishmuth Amy Frishmuth

Check Out What The Frishmuth’s Have Been Up To & Their Exciting News

90 Day Fiance stars Amy Frishmuth and Danny Frishmuth is currently living in Texas with their son, Jedidiah, and daughter, Anna. Jed celebrated his fifth birthday back in July. According to Amy, she’s so proud of what Jed has become. He’s so sweet and loves saying “you’re the best mom”, Amy added. They also went to a beach recently and the kids clearly had a great time.

90 Day Fiance Anna Frishmuth Jedidiah Frishmuth

It seems like parenting isn’t really a problem for the couple. It’s no secret that Amy and Danny are both religious. Their spirituality is one of the biggest foundations of their marriage. Due to this, it’s safe to say that Jed and Anna will grow as kind and God-fearing persons.

Adding to their strong faith, Amy and Danny previously opened their own church in Texas. They call it The Mercy Culture Church, which will help them with their journey on spreading the word of God.

90 Day Fiance: Amy and Danny’s Family Grows

Blessings just kept on coming for 90 Day Fiance stars Amy Frishmuth and Danny Frishmuth. In an Instagram post, Danny reveals that Amy is pregnant with their third child. The video post where Danny announced that great news was back in May. At this point in time, the couple has yet to reveal any updates on Amy’s pregnancy. Fans have been waiting if it’s going to be a boy or girl. According to Danny’s son, Jed, he wanted a baby boy. But Anna seems to want a baby girl instead.

Despite all of the obstacles mostly Danny’s family created their love endured and overcame. We wish this couple many more years of happiness together.

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