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Sophie Sierra Dates With New Man Amid Relationship Issues With Rob?

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90 Day Fiance stars Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne are still struggling in the latest episode of Season 10. The 32-year-old man accused his partner of tracking his location throughout their relationship, leading to trust issues. But Sophie couldn’t help herself, especially due to her significant other’s history of cheating. Not much is known about their status behind the cameras. However, the UK native caught the attention of many after seemingly spending time with a new man.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Upsets Rob Warne

Rob recently took to social media to call out Sophie for suspiciously tracking him. “I deadass just found out that @sophiesierra98 tracked my location our whole relationship! man WHAT!!?” he said. Some 90 Day Fiance fans commented that it’s a “messed up” thing to do. But others called out Rob and said he should’ve expected it due to his cheating scandals.

Rob Warne Instagram
Photo Credit: @robwarne_ Instagram
  • “Lmao why are you surprised she clearly doesn’t trust you,” one person said.
  • “Messy as all hell,” another commenter added.

Sophie herself admitted in Episode 8 that she was tracking him. But she thinks she could’ve kept it a secret.

Sophie Dating A New Man?

Sophie has yet to share her comments regarding Rob’s accusations. But she recently took to IG Stories to share a clip with her friends, including two men. The 90 Day Fiance star didn’t say anything in the video. But spending time with different guys amid her struggles with Rob may indicate that things went sideways for them behind cameras.

Sophie Instagram
Photo Credit: @sophiesierra98 Instagram

The two haven’t posted anything about each other for quite some time. But they’ve been trying their best to work on their relationship in Season 10. The upcoming episode will also feature Sophie Sierra finally opening up about her bisexuality to Rob.

90 Day Fiance: Rob Warne Opens Up About His Cheating

TLC recently released a clip of Rob addressing his cheating scandal with Sophie beside him. According to the 90 Day Fiance star, he’d been slow in the process of transitioning from being single for such a long time to having a girlfriend from a long distance, which caused him to make wrong decisions. He also said that what he did was unfortunate, though he believes that it could’ve been worse.

90 Day Fiance Sophie Rob Instagram
Photo Credit: @90dayfiance Instagram

Rob Warne also swore that he’d never make the same mistake again. However, Sophie’s facial expressions tell a different story. Some fans even think she’s not happy with him.

  • “Get out girl. He don’t feel sorry. “ it could’ve been a lot worse” don’t sound like an apology to me,” one person said.
  • “She looks so unhappy, if he makes you feel like that, he’s not worth it. You should be smiling and happy,” another commenter added.

The 10th episode of Season 10 will air on December 10, 2023, on TLC. Come back to Entertainment Chronicle for all your TLC updates and news.

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