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‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Slammed For Lying About Missing Chantel

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The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno is making a lot of viewers scratch their heads in his latest interview. He has already finalized his divorce from Chantel Everett. The Dominican Republic native has also expressed his happiness over his split with the 32-year-old woman. However, the latest episode of the finale featured Pedro having thoughts about his split, leaving a lot of fans furious. Keep reading to see why some are calling him out for lying.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno Talks About Moving On

Pedro recently had an interview where he opened up about his divorce from Chantel. According to the star of The Family Chantel, the damage has been done, and he no longer has any plans to reconcile with his ex-wife. He also added that they’re still not on good terms at this point, and it may not change for quite a while. But he thinks it’s much better that way, as he can focus more on his own family and personal healing.

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Furthermore, Pedro also opened up about his thoughts on how the show portrayed him as a “user” in the majority of his marriage with Chantel. He said that he’s aware of the unfair treatment, which has already happened over the past few seasons.

Pedro Starting To Miss Chantel?

Despite all the controversies, Pedro surprised viewers after opening up about missing Chantel in the latest episode of The Family Chantel. According to him, she was his first love, and his marriage wasn’t that bad early on. However, they began to see things differently, especially when the Georgia native started to seek more attention amid his busy life at work. He also admits that it was the main reason why he lost love and interest in working on their marriage. But some fans think Pedro Jimeno is looking so miserable in his interview despite finally fulfilling his desire for divorce.

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  • “Why does he look so miserable? He’s got what he wanted, so move on and smile,” one person said.
  • “We watched it all go down. Everything he said was the opposite,” another commenter added.
  • “LIES! He lied to Chantel, used her, and made promises he knew he wasn’t going to keep just to string her along for that green card,” another person said.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno Opens Up About Why His Marriage Fell Apart

Aside from receiving multiple accusations, Pedro also believed that both of his and Chantel’s families played a significant role in the downfall of their marriage. According to the star of The Family Chantel, his ex-wife’s family had issues, and the reality show only gave their side of the story. But he also admits that his own family isn’t perfect and has made some mistakes. He also made it clear that getting a green card was never his main goal. If so, he wouldn’t last for many years with Chantel.

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Photo Credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno Instagram

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