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How Are Joseph Duggar & Wife Kendra Amid Secret Baby Rumors?

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Counting On alums Joseph and Kendra Duggar have been silent on social media for quite some time. The reason behind their sudden disappearance is unclear. But many believe that it’s due to the negativity that Josh’s CSAM arrest brought to the family. Fortunately, some Duggars still document gatherings where the married couple is often spotted. One of their last sightings even caused speculation that they had welcomed a secret baby. Keep reading to see what they’re up to today.

Counting On: Kendra & Joseph Duggar’s Secret Baby

Photos of Kendra with what appears to be a baby bump circulated online last year. The Duggars never acknowledged the speculations. However, from June to July, screenshots of the 25-year-old mother surfaced on social media carrying a mysterious baby. Jinger also uploaded a vlog on YouTube featuring Kendra carrying a child, who looks like a baby boy due to his blue outfit. James also made headlines after sharing a snap of himself carrying an unknown baby, causing many Counting On fans to theorize that Joseph and his wife secretly welcomed their fourth child.

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Photo Credit: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo YouTube

Where Are Joseph & Kendra Today?

Joseph and Kendra bought a one-story, 1,403-square-foot house in Arkansas for $133K. It features two porches and a massive closet. Jim Bob also gave the married couple a head start in 2018 after selling them an eight-acre plot of land for only $5000. The Counting On alums’ last posts were mostly about their three kids. It’s also been two years since they last went active on IG. At this point, fans can only hope that they will soon address the discussions about their secret fourth baby.

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Photo Credit: @littleduggarfamily Instagram

Counting On: Kendra & Joseph Duggar’s Careers

Joseph is presently a licensed real estate agent. He also works with his father, fixing and renovating some of the properties they own. Not much is known about the number of houses he had flipped. But Jim Bob has already earned quite a reputation in the industry, making things a lot easier for his children who follow his path. Meanwhile, Kendra currently doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t utilize her TV fame to promote products online like the other Duggars. Due to this, some Counting On fans think money may soon become an issue for the married couple as their family grows.

Kendra Joseph Instagram
Photo Credit: @littleduggarfamily Instagram

The number of Duggar stepping away on social media kept increasing. Even Jim Bob and Michelle no longer share updates about the family after all the controversies they faced. It also appears that Jill’s book, “Counting The Cost,” made things more difficult for the Duggar parents to resurface online.

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